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Preventing Chronic Disease: Public Health Research, Practice and Policy

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Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal


Volume 8: No. 1, January 2011

About This Image

Cover of the January 2011 issue

This issue of Preventing Chronic Disease is illustrated by Sue Gordon.

Sue Gordon is a printmaker/painter living in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She has two children and a beautiful granddaughter who are a real source of inspiration for her.

Her artwork was chosen to illustrate this special joint issue on Aboriginal health because of its focus on fostering well-being through local foods. She created this monoprint with mixed media for the Manitoba Association of Community Health, Diabetes Prevention Project for Children (1999-2000). At that time, she worked on a project for kids who live mainly in the North. She was illustrating small books and cards to encourage a healthy lifestyle among the families that would receive them. She wished to show the energy and spirit of the kids, as well as some of the nutritious foods that could be part of their harvesting and cooking routines.

As Dr. Malcolm King writes in his editorial accompanying this issue, health equity can never be achieved without the wholeness that includes the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual parts of our lives. We must go beyond the conventional social determinants of health to look at factors that include promotion of resilience through spirituality, culture, language revitalization, traditional activities, and other forms of cultural connectedness.

Cover illustration by Sue Gordon
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