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Preventing Chronic Disease: Public Health Research, Practice and Policy

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Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal


Volume 1: No. 2, April 2004

Featured Abstracts from the 18th National Conference on Chronic Disease Prevention and Control




Featured Abstracts from the 18th National Conference on Chronic Disease Prevention and Control: A Glimpse of Things to Come
David L. Katz, MD, MPH

Featured Abstracts

State-Community Partnerships: Eliminating Health Disparities Through Coalition-driven, Asset-based, Community-focused Interventions
MA Acosta

Implementation of the Coordinated Approach to Child Health (CATCH) Program in Texas
CS Barroso, DM Hoelscher, SH Kelder, C McCullum, JL Ward, P Cribb, N Murray

Identifying Walking and Trail Use Supports and Barriers Through Focus-Group Research
EL Burroughs, RM Fields, ML Granner, PA Sharpe

Moving Right Along: A Creative Partnership to Engage Older Adults in Physical Activity and Nutrition Programs
DL Chapel, MM McCulla, B Reinsch, C Warren

Improving Care for the Homeless Population Using the Chronic Care Model
B Choucair, T Palmer

Utah K-8th Grade Height and Weight Measurement Project
KA Coats, MD Friedrichs, JL Ware

BC Walks: The Use of Mass Media and Community Programming to Promote Walking 
PE Fell, B Fisher, B Reger, D Spicer

Using CDC's School Health Index to Improve the Physical Activity and Nutrition Environments in 15 Michigan Public Schools
L Grost, E Coke-Haller, A Murphy, N Drzal

Healthy Weight in Schools: Supporting Schools Through Partnerships
EC Haller, SC Oleksyk

SHI: School Health Index: Implementing Changes in the Third Edition
SD Harrykissoon, H Wechsler

Policy and Environmental Change Strategies to Reduce Obesity: Action Packets 
L Kaley, D Wigand, K Whalen, A Root

Heart-healthy and Stroke-free: Making the Business Case to Employers and Purchasers for Preventing Heart Disease and Stroke
DM Matson-Koffman, VA Anwuri, D Orenstein, K Shore, L Agin, SA Garfinkel, LA Sokler, NB Watkins, GA Mensah

Chronic Disease Risk Factors by Ethnicity and Border Residence in Arizona: 10 Years of Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Data
MC McGorray, MA Veazie

Communities Combating Chronic Disease: The Kate B. Reynolds SELF Improvement Program 
JL Michener, ML Sauer, SD Yaggy

TRAILS, a School-based Walking Program 
W Moore, T Wilson, A Stephens, J Eichner

Lessons Learned from Global Reviews of Mass Media Campaigns Designed to Reduce Smoking and Exposure to Secondhand Smoke
EH Schar, KK Gutierrez

Cost-effective, Community-based Strategies Targeting Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes Risk Factors Among African American Women in Faith-based Environments 
C Taylor, L Cole, D Ferdinand, S Arline

Using Exercise for Risk Reduction in African American Breast Cancer Survivors: A Community-based Pilot Study 
DB Wilson, JS Porter, TJ Smith, J Kilpatrick

Improving Diabetes Care With the Collaborative Model: The First North Carolina Diabetes Collaborative 
MS Wolf, J Reaves, DS Porterfield, RM Carlyle, A Wang

Whose Choice Is It? Understanding HIV Risk Among African American Women 
EM Yancey, LM Goodin, M Wang

The Spatial Analysis of CVD Mortality in a Tri-county Area of Mississippi 
L Zhang, A Penman, C Haydel, V Sutton V Kamali, P Fos

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