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Zika Pregnancy and Birth Defects Local Health Department Field Support

Informational Webinar

Zika LHD field support application launch webinar 4-12-17 screenshot

Zika Pregnancy and Birth Defects Field Support to Local Health Departments Webinar - April 2017

About the Opportunity

Slides from the informational webinar will be available on the website shortly after the webinars are held.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is soliciting applications from local health departments1  for supplemental field support in communities with pregnant women with laboratory evidence of possible Zika virus infection. The purpose of field support is to assist local health department capacity to:

  • Collect and report accurate, timely, and complete data on pregnancies and infants with laboratory evidence of possible Zika virus infection and infant outcomes, as well as fetuses and infants with specific birth defects with and without Zika virus exposure
  • Help pregnant women, children, and families affected by Zika receive the services they need

This solicitation represents the second round of applications for local health department field support. Field assignees are currently providing support in 16 local health departments in cities, counties, and territories across the US and US territories.

Field support will be tailored to local health department needs and existing capacity. Field support will be provided on-site by trained personnel who can provide assistance in one or more of the following areas:

  1. Assistance with timely data sharing, reporting, and coordination among providers, state health departments, laboratories, and CDC
  2. Assistance with data collection and reporting processes, including medical chart abstraction and pregnancy and birth defects surveillance
  3. Use of surveillance data to predict, plan, and prepare for increased demand for services
  4. Support of case management so that pregnant women infected with Zika and their families receive the services they need
  5. Assistance with the HIPAA-compliant sharing of patient health information among different service providers to ensure coordinated care
  6. Assistance with coordination of Zika response efforts targeting pregnant women and families
  7. Assistance with clinical outreach to healthcare providers to improve testing and adherence to clinical guidance

Field support may be supplemented with technical assistance provided by national organizations and CDC personnel based on the needs of a local health department. Onsite personnel will be assigned based on agreement with the local health department. The duration of assignment will be based on local health department requests and/or the vendor’s contract period of performance.

Application Requirements

Applications will be accepted from April 10 - April 21, 2017 (11:59pm EST). Please complete the form (below) online. If you have any questions about this program, please contact us at

To be eligible for field support, local health departments must be located in communities that have cases of pregnant women with laboratory evidence of possible Zika virus and/or the need for additional support because of a greater than expected number of infants born with birth defects associated with congenital Zika syndrome. Applicants will be asked to provide the total number of people in the general population with laboratory evidence of Zika infection that meet the CDC case definition, the number of pregnant women with laboratory evidence (molecular or serologic) of possible Zika infection, the current number of infants with a birth defect potentially associated with Zika, and the number of live births in the jurisdiction in the past year.

Applicants will also be required to demonstrate coordination and communication with their state health agency. CDC anticipates that data collection will continue to flow through the state health department, and that the state and local health departments and CDC will have meetings twice a month to coordinate data flow and other related issues. Although field support will be assigned to the local health department, the field assignee will work with local health department and state health agency epidemiologists, maternal and child health professionals, and birth defects experts. Applicants are required to form a team of local health department and state health agency representatives who will interact with field assignees. The local health department assignees should be assigned a designated team lead, who will manage their day-to-day work. Ideally, the team lead with designated authority to oversee the field assignee would be a local health department employee with management and leadership experience and would be someone who could readily facilitate local and state coordination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Application Form

For more information, contact

1For the purposes of this application, local health departments (LHDs) are the primary target for CDC-contracted support. State health departments may apply; preference in assignment of resources will be to local health departments and then to other health departments with significant cases and capacity needs