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World AIDS Day is a great time for strategic emails to your donors, key contacts, volunteers, and other stakeholders, sharing your message and asking for their help and support. The lead-up to World AIDS Day also represents an opportunity to create a dialogue with potential new partners. As you reach out, think about how your organization can help support other stakeholders’ World AIDS Day activities and ask them to boost your resources in return.

Before you write:

  • Consider your distribution strategy. A mass email might be best for a list, but you may also need a more narrowly targeted message for influential audiences or individuals
  • Learn about HIV trends and gaps in your local community. Take a look at CDC’s HIV Statistics Center and AtlasPlus and consider how your program’s or local health department’s data compares to the national numbers and indicatorspdf icon
  • Consider addressing how the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact both stakeholder services and those of your organization
  • If sending to donors, express appreciation for past support, but avoid using World AIDS Day for fundraising. This may limit your reach

Before you send:

  • Ensure the correct tailored message are included in each email, if applicable
  • Provide a short explanation of how the message and your request relate to your shared goals


Dear [Partner Organization],

In recognition of World AIDS Day on December 1, [organization] seeks your support with [action of your choice – e.g., to increase HIV testing services and PrEP counseling support]. As you know, in [city/area/state/province], [#] people are currently living with HIV. [%] of them do not know their HIV status or are receiving timely HIV treatment. As the pandemic continues to disrupt services, it is more important than ever to coordinate efforts to continue the progress we have made toward ending HIV in [area].

In the next [desired time period], we hope to [goal tailored to recipient – e.g., increase the monthly number of HIV tests administered and PrEP consultation appointments completed] by [measurable outcome – e.g., 10%]. To reach this goal, we ask that you [call to action – e.g., link to local testing service locations]. We’re certain that addressing [the issue] with your support—and that of other local partners—will prove to be of immense help to our [overall shared mission] in the coming year.

Please contact [organization’s contact information] for additional information and learn how you can join us to reduce the number of new HIV infections in [area] in 2022.

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