Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “Winnable Battle”?

Winnable Battles describe public health priorities where CDC and our public health partners can make significant progress in a relatively short timeframe. For information on the first set of Winnable Battles please see the Winnable Battles Final Report as well as Progress Reports published in 2013pdf icon and 2014pdf icon.

Will CDC come out with an updated set of Winnable Battles?

Yes. We are ready to apply the lessons learned to different public health issues.

What are some of the criteria used to select Winnable Battles?

Specific areas – emerging or existing public health priorities – are selected in part as Winnable Battles because they present the following opportunities:

  • They address public health priorities that have a large-scale impact on health.
  • There are evidence-based interventions that exist to address the issue and that can be broadly implemented.
  • Intensive focus and efforts can have a significant impact.

What is the role for CDC and its public health partners in Winnable Battles?

CDC staff work to bring the most feasible and cost-effective strategies to scale to make a meaningful impact on health nationwide. Public health leaders can use the Winnable Battles framework – identifying high burden areas, setting priorities that have a large impact on health, and implementing evidence-based strategies – to address focus areas that are relevant within a community.

What about other important health issues?

The mission of CDC is to keep America safe, healthy and secure through the prevention and control of disease, injury and disability. CDC staff will continue and expand their important work across a wide range of public health issues with a focus on achieving broad health impacts and the elimination of health disparities. Additional information on the range of CDC’s work across public health can be found on the CDC web site.

How are these priorities aligned with others from HHS?

CDC priorities are often established in support of Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) initiatives. CDC’s priorities may be based on the scope of the health problem, the ability to have significant health impact, and the ability to address health costs. Winnable Battles also support related federal priorities and initiatives and require working closely with CDC’s public health partners.

Page last reviewed: May 1, 2018