Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “Winnable Battle”?

CDC’s Winnable Battles began in 2010 and the program was re-launched in early 2019 with a new set of topics. “Winnable Battles” are public health focus areas selected by CDC leadership to receive additional support and engagement across the agency, and they contribute to CDC’s Strategic Framework & Priorities.

CDC uses the Winnable Battles process to develop frameworks for action for major topics related to eliminating disease and ending epidemics. Staff from Winnable Battles program areas meet frequently with senior leaders from across the agency to discuss progress and challenges. This collective problem-solving approach brings CDC’s assets together to increase impact, mobilize partners, and ensure accountability for accelerated outcomes.

For information on the first round of Winnable Battles (2010-2015), see the 2015 Winnable Battles Final Report.

What are some of the criteria used to select Winnable Battles?

Emerging or existing public health priorities are selected by the CDC Director’s Office as Winnable Battles because they:

  1. Are major causes of injury, illness, or death
  2. Affect a large number of people
  3. Have high cost burden for treatment
  4. Can be prevented or mitigated by implementing specific, evidence-based strategies on a wide scale

Will more Winnable Battles topics be added?

CDC anticipates that the Winnable Battles will continue to reflect the Strategic Framework & Priorities. Results will be shared in each Annual Progress Reportpdf icon.

Page last reviewed: March 11, 2020