We Track That!

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We Track That!

The places where you live, work, and play may affect your health. The Tracking Network has the stats you need to stay healthy and safe.

Know your stats.

Access data and information about your community using Tracking Network tools.

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Enter your county name or zip code into our Info By Location tool to view a snapshot of some of the environmental health issues for your area.

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Check out CDC’s Data Explorer to view dynamic maps, charts and graphs on many different health topics.

About CDC’s Tracking Network

The Tracking Network has data and information on the environment, exposures, health effects, and population characteristics. You can use the Tracking Network to

  • Learn how the environment is connected to health.
  • Find out ways to prevent or control health problems related to the environment.
  • Discover what environmental health issues are important in your community.
Page last reviewed: January 29, 2020