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What are modules?
A module is an optional "box" or container for displaying small amounts of content and links. There are two categories of modules (Flexible and Specific Purpose) which are defined by the options and recommendations for customizing the module content layout, visual design (border/background styles), title, and placement on the different template page types.

The WCMS Responsive Web Design Template Documentation includes detailed information about template modules in the training slides and release notes and specifications.

Why do the templates have modules?
Modules serve as pre-built containers for content to support consistent content layout and presentation as well as enhance the look and feel of the CDC.gov site.

What module features cannot be changed?
The size, color, and style of module titles, text, links, and bullets have been standardized for the templates and should not be changed in any module. Other customization options are available depending on the module type.

What’s in the Modules Gallery?
The gallery includes screenshots and code snippets for all modules currently available in the WCMS Responsive Web Design templates. See the Gallery Overview for details on using the gallery.

The modules in the Gallery are ONLY compatible with version 3.0 of the RWD Templates available in the WCMS. Use of these modules outside of the WCMS may work, but is not supported by OADC.

Page last reviewed: September 1, 2021
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