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Watsonian Society - A CDC Employee Organization for Public Health Advisors

Join the Watsonian Society!

You are invited to join the Watsonian Society--
An Organization for Public Health Advisors!

Please download and email the completed registration form to Bob Kohmescher at or mail to:

Watsonian Society
P.O. Box 49372
Atlanta, GA 30359 

If you have any questions or encounter any problems completing this form, please contact Bob at 770-722-2192 or

We accept membership payments via the following methods:

Full member is anyone who is or has served as a 685 public health advisor. This includes PHAP members. Associate members are anyone else interested in joining the Watsonian Society.

If joining for the first time, include a $10 initiation fee. If you have been a member and did not pay your dues in the previous year, add a $5 lapsed/reinstatement fee.

If you have any questions about payment, contact Anne-Renee Heninburg at

Membership Type

Full member 1yr - $15 3yr - $40 Initiation fee - $10 Lapsed - $5
Associate member 1yr - $10 3yr - $25 Initiation fee - $10 Lapsed - $5
Lifetime 52-59 - $225 60-69 - $150 70+ - $75