Other Features

Data Sources

A link to the dataset source link at the bottom of the visualization provides comprehensive information about all of the data collected by the data source, not just data specific to VEHSS (31).

Screenshot showing dataset source link at the bottom left of the visualization

Data Export Options

In the image below the Save as PDF and Export CSV buttons display below the visualizations (32).

The Save as PDF button is available for the map and table. The visualization title, footnotes, notes, and suggested citation are included in the PDF that is generated. This option is not available for charts when exploring all locations.

The file generated by Export CSV contains data included in the visualization. Footnotes, notes, suggested citation, and related links are included in the CSV file that is generated. This option is not available for IRIS data.

screenshot showing the save as PDF and Export CSV buttons

Notes and Related Links

In the image below notes and measure definitions are located below the visualization. If footnotes are provided, a Footnote symbol and corresponding text will appear directly below the Data Source and visualization.

Below the Notes, Measure Definitions, and Suggested Citation are a set of Related Links. Click on each of these to find out more information about methodology, the VEHSS, and the Vision Health Initiative (VHI).

screenshot showing the interactive Application notes and related links sections

Sharing Data and Accessing VEHSS Datasets

Above the visualization are 3 options to share the visualization, access the Data Portal, and access Help documentation about the interactive application (33).

screenshot showing the share link, data portal, and help links

You can share a visualization with another user by copying the URL displayed after clicking the “Share Link”. With this URL, the user will be able to see the same visualization that you created.

Click on the “Data Portal” link above the visualization pane to navigate to the Vision & Eye Health Data Portal. Here you can access and download the VEHSS datasets that support the VEHSS interactive application. You can also create your own visualizations and filtered views using these datasets. You may be prompted to log in after clicking the “Data Portal” link.

**Note** Due to data privacy restrictions, the IRIS dataset is not accessible on the Data Portal.

Lastly, you can find this Help documentation by clicking the “Help” link above the visualization.