About the VEHSS Homepage

On the homepage image below, the Data Highlights (2) show selected data as interactive maps, charts, and tables summarized over all available locations. Click on any of the highlights and navigate directly to the data illustrated in the highlights.

Explore Vision & Eye Health VEHSS Data for One Location (3) by:

  1. Selecting a location on the map;
  2. Selecting a location from the drop-down menu; or
  3. Clicking on the “National Data” link.

Explore VEHSS Data for All Locations (4) by selecting the data type, data source, topic, and category, and indicator of your choice. After making your selections, click the GO button to view the data visualization in the application.

Contact information, associated documentation, and this interactive application’s help content are found in About VEHSS (5). VEHSS Prevalence Estimates describes forthcoming prevalence estimates, which will integrate data from multiple sources to create overall prevalence estimates of selected conditions.

Information about the data sources used in VEHSS is found in Data Sources (6). To download and explore the data, and to explore the individual datasets and create visualizations of your own, Use the Data Portal (7).

If you would like to access 2005-2011 BRFSS Vision Module and State profiles data and visualizations, click the Data & Statistics (1) link at the top of the page to navigate to the VHI Data & Statistics page.

screenshot of Vision and Eye Health Surveillance homepage explained above