Expert Panel Meeting

The Vision Health Initiative convened an expert panel on the CDC campus in Atlanta in April 2006. This panel laid the framework for the development of the comprehensive and coordinated public health action plan for eye health and vision loss prevention. The panel members assisted in identifying gaps and possible solutions that will serve to guide future actions and expand opportunities for ongoing collaborative efforts among all sectors of the vision community. The panel discussions and recommendations resulted in the release of a report titled Improving the Nation’s Vision Health: A Coordinated Public Health Approach Cdc-pdf[PDF – 1.9 MB]. The objectives of the meeting were to

  • Define a strategic vision and eye health agenda that fills knowledge gaps in surveillance and applied public health research in order to address the burden of eye disease, access to care, quality of care and quality of life
  • Examine the efficacy and cost effectiveness of current and future interventions in vision and eye health
  • Explore public, private, and government models for comprehensive and effective programs for the adaptation, replication, and expansion of vision and eye health interventions
  • Examine opportunities to assure the best possible use of available resources while achieving the greatest returns in vision and eye health.

cover of Improving the Nation's Vision Health: A Coordinated Public Health Approach