Prevent Gang Membership

Prevent Gang Membership book

The consequences of gangs and their burden on law enforcement and public health systems in our communities are significant. Law enforcement intervention alone is not enough to solve the youth gang problem in the United States.

Preventing young people from joining gangs in the first place is crucial to realizing a significant and lasting reduction in youth gang activity.

Changing the Course of Young People’s Future

Changing Course explores the important relationship between public safety and public health in preventing kids from joining gangs. Community leaders and practitioners are invited to learn about evidence-based practices that can lessen the impact of gangs on kids, families, neighborhoods, and society.

The book’s goal is to help community leaders, police officers, teachers, and service providers better understand what research says about keeping kids out of gangs and to make informed decisions about how to best use limited resources to prevent joining a gang.

It is important to consider factors within families, schools, and communities that influence joining a gang. Opportunities and principles for prevention are described at each level.

See Youth Violence Resources for the book, articles, and other supporting materials for preventing gang membership.  


Page last reviewed: June 26, 2019