Infographic about LGB Suicidal Thoughts & Experiences Data

LGB Youth Suicide

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Young people have suicidal thoughts & experiences especially lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) youth.

It could be someone you know. teach. love.

Students reported they…

13% of heterosexual students, 48% of LGB students and 32% students unsure of their sexuality seriously considered attempting suicide .

10% of heterosexual students, 38% of LGB students and 26% students unsure of their sexuality made a suicide plan.

5% of heterosexual students, 23% of LGB students and 14% students unsure of their sexuality attempted suicide at least once.

2% of heterosexual students and 8% of LGB students and 6% students unsure of their sexuality attempted suicide and received treatment by a doctor or nurse for an injury, poisoning, or overdose.

Prevention is possible!

Be the change in your community.

Enhance safety for all students.

Implement and enforce a school-wide anti-bullying policy.

LGB youth who attend schools with such a policy have a LOWER RISK OF SUICIDE.

Encourage help-seeking behaviors.

Ensure school staff care about who students are and what they learn.

Improve supervision of students.

Use school rules and classroom behavior monitoring.

Engage parents and caregivers.

Safe and supportive relationships and environments improve education, safety, and health for every student.

Help is available.

National Suicide Lifeline, Call or Chat 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

For the 2017 National Youth Risk Behavior Survey, 14, 956 questionnaires were completed in 144 public and private schools.