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Stories From the Field

Inside an Ebola Treatment Unit

Dr. Karen Wong ready to admit a patient Each day Ebola responders go to great lengths to work safely and effectively in Ebola treatment units (ETUs). CDC Ebola responder Karen Wong describes the importance of having a plan in place to determine what responders need to do to protect themselves and others when entering an ETU. Although one may become used to the familiar routine, responders must act cautiously and deliberately each time they use personal protective equipment (PPE) and develop innovative ways to communicate with colleagues under challenging circumstances.


Infection Prevention & Control - Sierra Leone

Workers wearing protective clothing carrying a body bag CDC Ebola responder Angela Dunn describes the importance of considering culture when fighting Ebola in West Africa. Infection prevention and control (IPC) is crucial in containing the Ebola epidemic, but some traditional beliefs and practices, such as traditional burials, can make IPC efforts difficult. Sierra Leoneans are dedicated to stopping Ebola and have had to break from cultural traditions to honor their deceased. By working with village and religious leaders in Sierra Leone, Ebola fighters have helped to make burials safer while still being respectful of local beliefs.


Infection Prevention & Control - Liberia

group of men standing outside a building At the height of the Ebola response, CDC Ebola responder Brant Goode traveled to Liberia to train health workers and community members on infection prevention and control (IPC) practices critical in preventing infections among not just the general public, but also the people caring for them. To control Ebola, IPC practices must go beyond personal protective equipment and include measures like controlled access to facilities and patient triage. Efforts to prioritize IPC can lead to reduced disease transmission risk and better work flow in health facilities.