Ebola Preparedness: Emergency Department Training Modules

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Who is this for: Emergency department (ED) staff

What is this for: Training to help ED staff prepare to evaluate whether or not a patient might have EVD. Staff members should use this information to follow the 3 steps within the “Identify, Isolate, and Inform” strategy. CDC recommends that staff members screen all patients with travel histories, exposure, or clinical symptoms that might suggest the person could have EVD.

How this relates to other guidance: This training is based on Identify, Isolate, Inform: Emergency Department Evaluation and Management of Patients with Possible Ebola Virus Disease.

YouTube Playlist: Ebola Emergency Department Preparedness

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Considerations for Preparedness

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Screening Patients for Ebola Risk Factors and Symptoms

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Isolation of a Patient with Ebola Risk Factors and Symptoms

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Evaluate and Briefly Manage Patients: Ebola Assessment Hospitals