ExIS Functionality

The VTrckS ExIS (External Information System) interface is a means for awardees to process vaccine requests by uploading data from their Immunization Information System (IIS) to VTrckS.

ExIS awardees already rely on their IIS to collect and consolidate data from vaccination providers and to sustain effective immunization strategies through the use of clinical decision support, vaccination coverage reports, interoperability with electronic health record systems, vaccine inventory management, and reminder/recall messages. Adding IIS vaccine ordering functionality as part of an interface between VTrckS and the IIS builds on existing relationships with providers, and provides an additional incentive for vaccination providers to participate in IIS while promoting greater accountability for publicly-purchased vaccine.

ExIS Benefits in VTrckS

Additional benefits for ExIS awardee users in VTrckS:

  • Create multiple orders from a single file upload
  • Receive shipment data for all orders
  • Access reports if the IIS does not already have needed reporting capabilities

Technical Resources