Two-Dimensional (2D) Vaccine Barcoding - For Providers

This page contains information and training resources for providers with an interest in 2D vaccine barcoding.


Implementation Guide for Decision Makers – 2D Vaccine Barcode Scanning

This guide pdf icon[1.6 MB, 70 pages, 508] describes steps for healthcare organization decision makers considering implementation of 2D vaccine barcode (vials/syringes) scanning. Six implementation steps are included: decide, plan, train, assess, adjust, and sustain. This guide is based on the findings from the 2D Vaccine Barcode Scalability Pilot.


Brief: Different Vaccine Lot Numbers

Some vaccine manufacturers for particular vaccines use similar, but different, lot numbers of the unit of sale vaccine product (package or salable box) and the unit of use vaccine product (vial/syringe). This brief pdf icon[2 pages] describes the background, challenge, current tools, ongoing efforts, and plans to update information related to this issue.


Adopting 2D Barcodes – Briefs

These one-page briefs provide information to pharmacists pdf icon[2 pages] and other healthcare providers pdf icon[2 pages] on the benefits of 2D barcodes and the importance of adopting those barcodes.


Training Documents

Although developed at the initiation of the 2D Vaccine Barcode Pilot project or after the start of the project to address ongoing challenges, most of the content of these materials address 2D barcoding issues beyond the scope of the pilot.


Training Videos

These training videos show how to use 2D barcode scanners. There are four chapters or videos: features and benefits, scanning instructions, scanner maintenance, and next steps.

2D Vaccine Barcodes Chapter 1: Features and Benefits

2D Vaccine Barcodes Chapter 2: Scanning Instructions

2D Vaccine Barcodes Chapter 3: Scanner Maintenance

2D Vaccine Barcodes Chapter 4: Next Steps


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