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AFIX Program Policies and Procedures Guide for Awardees

The Guide provides essential AFIX program policies and implementation procedures intended to assist awardees in developing their framework of implementation while focusing the program on evidence based quality improvement strategies, enhancing provider knowledge and support, and tracking resulting change over time in immunization coverage rates and provider immunization services. Immunization awardees are expected to follow the CDC guidelines in developing their own programs’ AFIX policies and procedures.

AFIX Policies and Procedures Guide

What is the AFIX Policies and Procedures Guide?

AFIX Policies and Procedures Guide

This guide is a compilation of AFIX materials that programs can use in conjunction with the 2013-2017 Immunization Program Operations Manual (IPOM) to execute and deliver:

  • The required objective for AFIX
  • Recommended activities for AFIX
  • Required and recommended performance measures for AFIX
  • Healthy People 2020 objective and goals for AFIX (IID-17)

This guide is to be used as the reference document for developing and updating all immunization program AFIX Policies and Procedure Guides.

The AFIX Standards outlined in this guide are organized into six components:

  • Program Operations
  • Assessment
  • Feedback
  • Incentives
  • eXchange of Information
  • Program Evaluation

If you have questions regarding this AFIX Guide, please contact Hanan Awwad at or 404-718-4623.