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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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Immunization Services Division
1600 Clifton Road, MS E-52
Atlanta, GA

CDC AFIX Program Staff
Hanan Awwad
Phone: 404-718-4623

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Data collection is an essential tool for evaluating providers’ progress toward increasing vaccination coverage rates under the AFIX program. The information recorded over time helps AFIX reviewers tailor a quality improvement plan with providers. Analyzing real-time data is also useful for immunization program managers and AFIX coordinators to ensure their AFIX program is operating effectively.

Data can be assessed through an immunization information system (IIS) or Comprehensive Clinic Assessment Software Application (CoCASA), a downloadable software tool developed by CDC. However, as IIS functionality continues to expand, CDC is phasing out technical support for CoCASA.

CDC encourages immunization program awardees to use their state’s immunization information systems (IIS) to collect and assess data. Awardees are required to use the AFIX Online Tool (available only to awardees) for reporting site visit and vaccination coverage data.

Page last reviewed: June 22, 2017