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AFIX Quarterly Conference Call Minutes

This website is archived for historical purposes and is no longer being maintained or updated.

March 11, 2014: Content on this page kept for historical reasons.

February 25, 2014


Quality Improvement: Understanding Its Role in Public Health Programs
Presentation to AFIX Awardees

  • Presentation by Liza Corso, Senior Advisor for Public Health Practice and Accreditation at the Division of Public Health Performance Improvement (DPHPI), Office for State, Tribal, Local, and Territorial Support (OSTLTS).
  • For questions about the presentation, contact Liza at


AFIX Updates

  • AFIX Policies and Procedures Guide—Your program’s policies and procedures guide will be due to CDC on Monday, June 30 2014. We had requested that you use the AFIX Policies and Procedures Guide published by CDC as a reference document when preparing your program’s guide. There are several new updates that we’ll need to see incorporated into your guides. To make this process is a little clearer, we will email you some information and guidance for this submission in two weeks’ time.
  • AFIX Annual Report—2013 data. The annual report is due to CDC on March 3rd. You will need to submit this report in PAPA as you’ve done in the past.
  • AFIX Timeline for 2014
    • AFIX Evaluation and Publication: CDC is interested in evaluating and developing a publication on the impact of AFIX in improving immunization coverage rates, with a focus on HPV. If you are conducting adolescent-focused AFIX visits and would like to collaborate with us on evaluating the impact of AFIX on HPV coverage, please contact us. We will also be evaluating the functionality and use of the online tool and finding ways to enhance this online reporting system.
    • AFIX Policies and Procedures Guide: No updates this year. Also, as mentioned earlier, we will be expecting your guide by June 30, 2014. More guidance about due date, delivery method, and review timeline will be sent to you in a two weeks’ time.
    • IIS Logic Guidance (IIS/AFIX Integration Logic Guidance):
      • AIRA will be facilitating a project focused on providing both operational and technical guidance to immunization programs for incorporating AFIX functionality into IIS.
      • A consensus-based approach will be used to create an agreed upon set of specifications for required and optional functional elements, as well as reports that need to be generated for providers and CDC.
      • Representatives of selected AFIX and IIS projects will be invited to participate in a face-to-face facilitated meeting (tentatively planned to take place in May).
      • Some IIS that have already implemented AFIX-like functionality will be assessed and leveraged in the preparation of a gap analysis and may also be used as design examples, if needed.
      • Input from the broader AFIX and IIS communities will also be solicited on occasion. Please be prepared to provide information or feedback if/when requested to help support the larger effort.
      • Danielle Reader-Jolley is the project manager assigned by AIRA to this project. For project related questions, Danielle can be reached at:
    • CoCASA version 9.1: A new version 9.3 will be released shortly with enhancements to the AFIX functionality, including; updated CVX codes, additional criteria selection for calculating coverage levels, and inclusion of the four-day grace period option. CoCASA version 9.2.1 to be released prior to 9.3 will include changes to VFC, not AFIX.
    • AFIX Online Tool:
      • The user guide for this tool was e-mailed on 12/19/2013 and is also posted in the AFIX Online Tool under AFIX-Help.
      • Along with the user guide, awardees also received a list of planned enhancements for this online tool. This list will continue to be updated and shared with awardees to provide an overview of the list of enhancements and their scheduled release.
      • A help desk for the online tool is available. Information for this help desk is available in the AFIX Online Tool under AFIX-Help.
  • AFIX Timeline for current project period.
    • AFIX Evaluation and Publication: The evaluation will be initiated in 2014. Dates for completing the evaluation and publication are to be determined.
    • AFIX Policies and Procedures Guide: CDC will continue to provide technical assistance on this guide.
    • IIS Logic Guidance (IIS/AFIX Integration Logic Guidance): The logic guidance will be under development in 2014. All following steps to the development of this guidance are to be determined.
    • AFIX Online Tool: see earlier notes.
    • CoCASA: see earlier notes.
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