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AFIX Quarterly Conference Call Minutes

This website is archived for historical purposes and is no longer being maintained or updated.

December 24, 2013: Content on this page kept for historical reasons.

November 20, 2013


CoCASA Version 9.0

  • Presentation: see slides titled: CoCASA 9.0 Presentation 112113
  • Testing for this tool will begin sometime before the end of November. CDC will reach out to the testers sometime next week to announce the testing dates.
  • CoCASA Version 9.0 will be available for download in January 2014.
  • A user guide for the tool will be made available in early 2014, no specific date available at this time, will keep you posted


PAPA Online Reporting Tool

  • Presentation: see slides titled: AFIX Online Data Collection Tool Presentation 112113
  • Testing for this tool was completed in October. All system errors were corrected as well as some requests for formatting/functionality changes. CDC will continue to keep a running list of change requests for consideration.


General Program Updates

  • AFIX Policies and Procedures Guide
    • The guide will be sent to awardees before 11/28.
    • It will also be available online at the AFIX website
    • As a reminder, all awardees are required to submit their guide to CDC in June 2014, you are required to use the CDC Guide as your reference document when you prepare or update your program’s guide. CDC will review those guides and get back to you with comments.
    • When the guide is released, if AFIX programs have questions or require additional information, please contact CDC with your questions.
  • AFIX evaluation and publication — program updates in 2014 and beyond.
    • CDC will be leading an evaluation of AFIX. There will also be an AFIX publication resulting from this evaluation. The current objectives for this evaluation include; 1) Demonstrating the impact of AFIX in 2 improving immunization services at provider offices 2) Evaluating the effectiveness of the AFIX online tool as well as its challenges and ways to address the challenges.
    • CDC is continuing to scope this evaluation and the project is planned to begin next year.
    • In addition, the evaluation may impact future program developments and updates if evaluation findings recommend some program updates.
    • There are no current plans to implement major program updates in 2014.
  • AFIX Site Visit Questionnaire and answer guide.
    • The questionnaire is a standard requirement. It should be used as provided by CDC.
    • The answer guide is intended to help field staff conducting AFIX visits to define the QI strategies, introduce recommendations for the implementation of these strategies, and provide additional published references and definitions of the strategies.
    • The answer guide may be used as provided by CDC or you may prepare your own program’s answer guide, it is important to note that some of the definitions and strategies in the guide are copied from CDC publications.
    • The questionnaire and answer guide will both be included in the P&P Guide, and will also be sent to you as separate attachments.
  • AFIX/IIS Integration Logic Guidance.
    • CDC had a kick-off meeting with AIRA on 10/22 to discuss this project. The logic guidance will follow a Modeling of Immunization Registry Operations Workgroup (MIROW) like process in its development. As such it will be consensus based and will include IIS SMEs and AFIX SMEs.
    • Although the timeline is still being developed, we estimate that the project will require at least 1 year for completion, and its product will be a guidance document that, when implemented by IIS will standardize AFIX coverage assessments using IIS as the main source of data.
    • The document will provide technical and operational guidance to programs for transitioning to IIS-based AFIX assessments.
    • As part of this process, a steering committee and an advisory group will be assembled for this project. The project will be led by AIRA with involvement from AIM, IIS and AFIX coordinators.
    • We are currently finalizing the work plan and once that’s in place, we will provide a more regular update in future calls.


AFIX Timeline

  • The term “Post” in the timeline refers to posting the deliverable on the AFIX website
  • The only change in the timeline to note is for the production of the IIS/AFIX Integration Logic Guidance. The guidance will be available at a later date than planned.
  • Due to the delay in the availability of the logic guidance and the subsequent delay in the transition towards the use of IIS as the main source of data for AFIX coverage assessments:
    • The online reporting tool for AFIX will be available for IIS/CoCASA users.
    • The original date planned for transitioning towards all programs’ use of IIS as the main source of assessment data may be delayed beyond 2017.