AFIX (Assessment, Feedback, Incentives, and eXchange)

The AFIX Program

AFIX is a quality improvement program conducted by CDC’s immunization program awardees to support Vaccines for Children (VFC) providers in their jurisdiction. The goal of the AFIX program is to increase vaccination of children and adolescents with all Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP)-recommended vaccines by reducing missed opportunities to vaccinate and improving immunization delivery practices at the provider level.

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The AFIX program consists of four components: Assessment, Feedback, Incentives, and eXchange.

  • Assessment involves generating data reports on the vaccination coverage levels of selected health care providers and examining the effectiveness of providers’ immunization delivery practices.
  • Feedback provides an opportunity to share with each provider their Assessment results, discuss practice procedures and barriers, and collaborate to develop customized evidence-based quality improvement strategies.
  • Incentives recognize provider accomplishments and can be powerful motivation for providers to improve vaccination coverage rates.
  • eXchange is the regular follow-up with providers to monitor their quality improvement progress and offer support through guidance and Incentives.

AFIX serves to assist and support health care providers by identifying low immunization rates, determining opportunities for improving immunization delivery practices, and ensuring that providers are:

  • Aware of and knowledgeable about their immunization rates and missed opportunities to vaccinate
  • Motivated to incorporate changes into their current practices
  • Ready to try new immunization service strategies
  • Capable of sustaining improvements to their vaccination delivery services
Page last reviewed: June 22, 2017