The Four Components of AFIX

The AFIX approach incorporates four key elements to improve immunization service delivery.

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Assessment involves generating data reports on the vaccination coverage levels of selected health care providers and examining the effectiveness of providers’ immunization delivery practices. 

  • The purpose of Assessment is to evaluate a health care provider’s vaccination coverage and vaccination delivery practices.
  • The information gathered for Assessment is used during Feedback to guide strategic planning for improving vaccination coverage rates in the practice.
  • The Assessment process consists of both quantitative (data collection and interpretation) and qualitative (observation and discussion) components.

Feedback provides an opportunity to share with each provider their Assessment results, discuss practice procedures and barriers, and collaborate to develop customized evidence-based quality improvement strategies. 

  • Feedback is the presentation and discussion of Assessment findings to providers about their immunization delivery practices and vaccination coverage rates.
  • Feedback is typically delivered by an AFIX reviewer to a provider during an AFIX site visit.
  • Working collaboratively, AFIX reviewers and providers should identify barriers to vaccination, devise quality improvement strategies, and set attainable implementation timelines and coverage goals.

Incentives recognize provider accomplishments and can be powerful motivation for providers to improve vaccination coverage rates.

  • Incentives are used to motivate providers to develop more effective immunization delivery systems and ultimately improve immunization coverage levels.
  • The purpose of Incentives is to motivate and encourage all staff to accept improving immunization coverage levels as “part of their job.”
  • Choose Incentives that are meaningful to each individual provider to most effectively encourage and motivate them.

eXchange is the regular follow-up with providers to monitor their quality improvement progress and offer technical support through guidance and Incentives.

  • eXchange is the follow-up with providers to monitor and support progress toward implementing the QI strategies identified during the Feedback process.
  • AFIX reviewers should notify providers of the eXchange process during the Feedback session to motivate change and achieve quality improvement.

Page last reviewed: June 22, 2017