For Immunization Partners

Educational and Promotional Resources for Partners

The National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD) encourages partners to use our educational resources and promotional materials to help supplement vaccine conversations and outreach with parents, pregnant women, and adults, as well as healthcare professionals.

Find resources for each group or topic, including toolkits, drop-in articles, digital media tools, videos, PSAs, fact sheets, and social media messages.

Get a flu vaccine. It's the best way to #fight flu. Learn more. image of super hero arm with band-aide.

Find free flu resources for various audiences and platforms, including print materials, digital and web tools, audio and video public service announcements, and images.

HPV Partner Toolkit.

See NEW toolkit, which offers resources to state and local organizations interested in enhancing HPV vaccination efforts.

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Page last reviewed: November 15, 2016