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December 2020

November 2020

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    McClung N, Mhamberland M, Kinlaw K, Matthew DB, Wallace M, Bell BP, et al. The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices’ Ethical Principles for Allocating Initial Supplies of COVID-19 Vaccine — United States, 2020 MMWR. 2020;69(47);1782-6.
    In addition to scientific data and implementation feasibility, four ethical principles will assist ACIP in formulating recommendations for the initial allocation of COVID-19 vaccine: 1) maximizing benefits and minimizing harms; 2) promoting justice; 3) mitigating health inequities; and 4) promoting transparency…

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    Chard AN, Gacic-Dobo M, Diallo MS, Sodha SV, Wallace AS. Routine Vaccination Coverage — Worldwide, 2019 MMWR. 2020;69(45);1706–10.
    This report, which updates previous reports, presents global, regional, and national vaccination coverage estimates and trends as of 2019 and describes the number of surviving infants who did not receive the first dose of diphtheria and tetanus toxoids and pertussis-containing vaccine (DTP1) during the first year of life…

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    Patel MK, Goodson JL, Alexander JP Jr., Kretsinger K, Sodha SV, Steulet C, et al.  Progress Toward Regional Measles Elimination — Worldwide, 2000–2019 MMWR. 2020;69(45);1700–5.
    This report describes progress toward WHA milestones and regional measles elimination during 2000–2019 and updates a previous report…

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