NIIW 2019 Activities around the World

State and Territorial Activities


Date/Time: 04/01 – 30/2019
Org Name: West Haven Immunization Action Plan Program
Activity/Description: The IAP will supply the Yale New Haven Hospital, St. Raphael Campus’ Vidone Birthing Center, with Baby’s First Year Calendars for all babies born during the month of April.  The Calendars will include the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s print resources: Vaccine Safety and Your Child: Separating Fact from Fiction, and the Vaccines and Your Baby resource.
Contact: Christime DePierro-Gacek, Immunization Action Plan Coordinator, 203.937.3660,


Date/Time: 04/29/2019 & 04/30/2019
Org Name: Southwestern AHEC
Activity/Description: The Bridgeport Immunization Program will provide information about childhood vaccines and CT WiZ to families in the lobby of the Bridgeport Library (North Branch). There will be educational information and fun items for children, plus refreshments will be available. Free and open to the public.
Contact: Maggie Litwin, Program Coordinator, 203.372.5503,


Date/Time: 05/01/2019
Org Name: Norwalk Health Department
Activity/Description: Norwalk Health Department will hold an award presentation and luncheon for Connecticut’s Immunization Champion for her outstanding commitment toward promoting infant immunizations. By invitation only. The Norwalk Mayor, and other City and State officials will honor our champion!
Contact: Pam Bates, BSN, RN; Immunization Action Plan Coordinator, 203.854.7728,


Date/Time: 04/30/2019
Org Name: Norwalk Health Department
Activity/Description: Norwalk Health Department staff will give a presentation to families enrolled in the Parents as Teacher’s Program (PAT). PAT is a support program for young families offered by Family and Children’s Agency (FCA) of Norwalk. Attendees will learn about vaccinations needed for young children, the immunization schedule, the CT Immunization Information System “CT WiZ”, and receive tips on how to keep their children up-to-date. Event is FREE for FCA clients.  Vaccine information including:  vaccine safety booklets, the childhood immunization schedule, and parent-held vaccination booklets will be distributed to the attendees.

Attendees can stop by the lobby outside of the WIC office at the Norwalk Health Department at any time throughout the day to receive information regarding the CT Immunization Information System “CT WiZ”, childhood vaccines, vaccine safety, and the whooping cough vaccine. Health Department staff will check the immunization records of children enrolled in CT WiZ. If not already registered, children can be enrolled. Open to the public. Free event and giveaways!

Contact: Pam Bates, BSN, RN; Immunization Action Plan Coordinator, 203.854.7728,

Washington DC

Date/Time: 05/01/2019
Org Name: National Association of County and City Health Officials
Activity/Description: To coincide with National Infant Immunization Week (April 27 – May 4) and Hepatitis Awareness Month (May), National Association of County and City Health Officials will host a webinar that will focus on perinatal hepatitis B transmission. Participants will hear from CDC’s Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention program and a local health department that NACCHO has recognized for its innovative strategies to prevent perinatal HBV transmission. At the conclusion of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Communicate the importance of perinatal hepatitis B prevention to the larger goal/strategy of hepatitis B elimination
  • Characterize national efforts to address perinatal hepatitis B prevention in collaboration with state and local departments of health
  • Describe a local health department’s innovative strategy to increasing the identification of infants born to chronic hepatitis B infected mothers

Contact: Kimberly Scott, Senior Program Analyst, 202.595.1123,


Date/Time: 04/27/2019
Org Name: Pilgrim’s Pride
Activity/Description: This community family event is designed to reach anyone who would like to participate, and engage our community through our campaign.
Contact: Deisy Torres, HR Coordinator, 404.436.3182,


Date/Time: 04/27/2019 – 05/04/2019
Org Name: Clayton County Board of Health
Activity/Description: Clayton County Board of Health is displaying a campaign board for Infant immunization Awareness by placing educational material on the board and also on table tops for parents. Vaccines where offered to parents for children who needed Immunizations.
Contact: Nina Posley, LPN/Supervisor Immunization Coordinator, 678.610.7199,


Date/Time: 04/27/2019 – 05/04/2019
Org Name: Chicago Department of Public Health
Activity/Description: The Chicago Department of Public Health plans to expand the resources distributed to VFC providers, post interactive posters at 6 city-run immunization clinics around the city, provid immunization schedule cards to partnering agencies, release newsletters to over 400 Vaccines for Children program providers, and collaborate with new partners. The most significant addition was a social media advertising campaign on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and using ‘native ads.’
Contact: Brynna Thigpen, Public health Associate & Vaccine Coordinator,, 312.746.6019

New Mexico

Date/Time: 04/25/2019
Org Name: New Mexico Immunization Coalition
Activity/Description: Drs. Melissa Martinez & Walter Dehority will be in the KOB 4 studio to answer call-in questions from their phone bank regarding infant and childhood immunizations to kick-off NIIW. This broadcast will be recorded and edited into short snippets that will be used on University of New Mexico social media sites to educate about immunizations.
Contact: Maggie June, Program Specilaist, 505.272.3032,

New Hampshire

Date/Time: 04/29/2019
Org Name: Division of Public Health and Community Services
Activity/Description: Power to Protect: Immunization Presentation with Dr. Capetta

In observance of National Infant Immunization Week, the Community Health Department will be hosting an educational evening on April 29th from 6pm – 7pm at the Nashua Senior Center located at 70 Temple Street in Nashua, NH. DPHCS will be joined by guest speaker Dr. Charles Cappetta. Dr. Cappetta has been a champion for childhood vaccinations in the Greater Nashua Region. The objective of Dr. Cappetta’s presentation is to talk about how vaccines work to prevent disease. He will educate seniors and their families about vaccines that help prevent the spread of illness to their children and/or grandchildren. Vaccination is a shared responsibility. Families, healthcare professionals, and public health officials must work together to help protect the entire community.
Contact: Jessica Ayala, 603.589.4513,

New York

Date/Time: 05/01/2019
Org Name: Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center
Activity/Description: Good Samaritan Hospital is proud to announce the kickoff of the GSHMC Vaccine Champion Committee. Vaccines are one of the greatest achievements of public health. The mission of the committee is to increase vaccination coverage among patients and staff, address vaccine hesitancy in the community and provide updates on the surveillance of vaccine preventable diseases on state, national and global levels.

The Kick-off event will be a celebration of saving lives through immunizations by presenting highlights from various immunization programs from around the world, and an overlook on projects to promote the importance of continuing to advocate for vaccinations.

Contact: Melody Butler, Infection Preventionist, RN, 631.697.4714,


Date/Time:  05/03/2019
Org Name: Immunize Nevada
Activity/Description: Immunize Nevada will host a community baby fair called Baby Fest. Baby Fest is a baby shower event that invites all members of the community to participate, however, the target audience is infant, pregnant mothers, and new mothers.

Free or reduced cost “shots for tots” will be offered, please bring your child’s insurance card and immunization record if available. Shots for parents will also be available.

Free vision screenings will also be offered, along with family resources, and amazing giveaways.

Contact: Team Immunize Nevada, Outreach Manager,, 775.624.7117


Date/Time: April
Org Name: Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center
Activity/Description: Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center  will provide health information at our regular health fairs in the community.
Contact: Elaine Welkie – Community Relations Coordinator, 410.371.9112,

Rhode Island

Date/Time: 04/23/2019
Org Name: Rhode Island Department of Health
Activity/Description: The Office of Immunization has partnered with the Pawtucket RedSox (farm team for the Boston RedSox) and child care providers to acknowledge families whose children are up-to-date on all infant immunizations. Parents will receive one voucher for each child (up to two children) that has an up-to-date immunization record on file with their childcare provider to attend a PawSox game free of charge. RIDOH immunization staff will provide information and resources to parents at the game.
Contact: Heidi Wallace, Sr. Quality Assurance Specialist, 401.222.4631,

Rhode Island

Date/Time: 05/01/2019
Org Name: Rhode Island Department of Health
Activity/Description: Child Care Awareness Day is a yearly event that brings together state legislators, childcare providers, child care advocates, educators, community partners, and families to highlight the importance of quality child care. This year, The Rhode Island Child Care Commission will speak about the importance of children receiving vaccines on time, and the importance of children in childcare being up-to-date on their vaccines. Attendees will learn about NIIW, recent vaccine-preventable disease outbreaks, and the importance of prevention, which includes up-to-date vaccinations. Participants will receive give-a-ways and timely information, play with fun characters, and engage in activities to foster the message.
Contact: Heidi Wallace, Sr. Quality Assurance Representative, 401.222.4631,

South Carolina

Date/Time: 04/30/2019
Org Name: SC Parents for Vaccines
Activity/Description: South Carolina Parents for Vaccines will go to the South Carolina state house and advocate for vaccines and herd immunity. They do not have a bill to speak to, so it’s more of a general education for legislators.
Contact: Kim Nelson, Founder, Kim@vaccinatesc.ord 803.834.0753


Date/Time: 04/29/2019 – 05/10/2019
Org Name: UT Clinical Health – St. Francis
Activity/Description: Our clinic will be beefing up education about vaccine benefits for two weeks 4/29/2019 – 5/17/2019 . The goal of this promotion is to increase awareness of the importance of proper vaccination(s). We are enrolled in the VFC program for the state of TN in which gives an accurate record regarding patient vaccinations or the lack there of. Also, we will be giving away goodie bags for all of our patients who are vaccinated during this time as a thank you.
Contact: Christy Langston, NCCMA Vaccine Coordinator, 901.907.1314,


Date/Time: 04/27/20190-05/03/2019
Org Name: Jasper Newton County Public Department of Health
Activity/Description: The Jasper Newton County Public Department of Health plans on having a community baby shower drive. They will have 7 different drop off locations. When people drop off baby items they’ll be given an immunization schedule, and we’ll talk to them about how important vaccines are and keeping on schedule. We’ll also have a “love immunize them” pocket booklet for them to keep track of vaccines given and when the next vaccine is due, to carry in their purse.
Contact: Judy Dupre, Clerk/IPos, 409.379.5291,


Date/Time:  05/04/2019
Org Name: City of Laredo Health Department
Activity/Description: The City of Laredo Health Department will educate the public on services provided by the local health department, such as: the influenza and Tdap vaccines to expecting mothers and those of child bearing age. Offer educational information on pertussis diseases and prevention, in particular for infants and for mothers.
Contact:Blanca E. Gonzales, Immunization Program Supervisor, 956.795.4947,


Date/Time: 04/25/2019
Org Name: City of Laredo Health Department
Activity/Description: The City of Laredo Health Department will offer flu vaccines and educational materials on vaccine preventable diseases to attendees.
Contact: Blanca E. Gonzales, Immunization Program Supervisor, 956.795.4947,


Date/Time: 04/18/2019
Org Name: City of Laredo Health Department
Activity/Description: The City of Laredo Health Department will offer updates on mumps, measles, and pertussis. Presentations on vaccine preventable disease reporting, ImmTrac2, vaccine storage & handling, pneumococcal disease, human papillomavirus, bacterial meningitis, and others.
Contact: Blanca E. Gonzales, Immunization Program Supervisor, 956.795.4947,


Date/Time: 04/30/2019
Org Name: City of Laredo Health Department
Activity/Description: The City of Laredo Health Department will provide information on vaccine preventable diseases to the public. We will give away educational promotional materials to children (coloring books), balloons, and popcorn.
Contact: Blanca E. Gonzales, Immunization Program Supervisor, 956.795.4947,


Date/Time: 04/27/2019 – 05/04/2019
Activity/Description: PRE MED  CARE CLINIC will provide information on vaccine preventable diseases to the public, offering educational and promotional materials to children. They will be decorating the clinic with posters, balloons, growth charts, and NIIW banners. During operating CDC videos about childhood immunization will be playing  in the conference room and waiting areas. There will also be a Hall of Fame with pictures of our patients who are up to date on their vaccines. Young patients will receive NIIW coloring sheets.
Contact: Floralba Velazquez, Officer Manager, 713.663.6944,


Date/Time: 04/27/2019
Activity/Description: The BCPHD will host a Saturday Immunization Clinic at our Killeen Public Health Department.
Contact: Nina M. Cobb, Outreach Educator, 254.939.2091,


Date/Time: 04/30/2019
Org Name: Beaumont Public Health Department
Activity/Description: The Beaumont Public Health Department will offer educational materials on Immunization/Vaccine IMMTRAC information dental and medical assistance program, diabetes education health assessments, poison control, WIC (Women Infant Children) and other community resources.
Contact: Mary King Alexander, Immunization Nurse Coordinator, 409.654.3625,


Date/Time: 04/30/2019
Org Name: Jasper Newton County Public Health District
Activity/Description: Jasper Newton County Public Health District is hosting a community wide baby shower with an infant immunization information station.
Contact: Judy Kaye Dupre, 409.594.7293,


Date/Time: 04/30/2019
Org Name: Fairfax County Health Department
Activity/Description: Fairfax County Health Department will recognize Two KinderCare Learning Centers for their consistent efforts to promote immunizations in their community.   They will also share the importance of immunizations through puppet interaction at a local childcare facility at the UCM Early Learning Center.
Contact: Christine Carlock, RN; Immunization Action Plan Coordinator, 703.246.8648,


Date/Time: 04/27/2019 – 05/03/2019
Org Name: Spokane Regional Health District
Activity/Description: Baby Photo Contest
Spokane Regional Health District developed a social media campaign that promotes NIIW. The campaign focuses on baby photo contest that promotes positive community engagement surrounding infant immunizations. Community members can participate in the contest by posting a photo of their vaccinated baby on social media and completing “I vaccinate my baby because…” in the caption. A panel of judges will select a winner based on categories of creativeness, relevance to NIIW, and writing prompt.
Contact: Kylie Kingsbury, Health Program Specialist, 509.324.1480,


Org Name: Langlade Co Immunization Coalition
Activity/Description: The Langlade Co Immunization Coalition plan to get a proclamation signed by the Mayor
Contact: Shelia Rine, Adm Assistant at Langlade Co Immunization Coalition chair,

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