Step Five: Evaluate Your Efforts

Three people in masks meeting around a table


Evaluate efforts to determine if you have enough information

After concluding the rapid community assessment, revisit objectives to determine if you have enough information about communities of focus to make actionable recommendations to increase COVID-19 vaccine confidence and uptake.

Some questions to help evaluate efforts:

  • Have you achieved your primary objective(s)?
  • Do you have additional objectives you would like to pursue?
  • Have you identified your communities of focus, and do you have enough data to understand access and demand barriers related to COVID-19 vaccines?
  • Do you feel you can address your focus communities’ needs related to COVID-19 vaccines?
  • Are you prepared for the next stage of COVID-19 vaccine rollout?

After evaluating efforts and consulting with stakeholders, including members of communities of focus, decide whether to conduct additional rapid community assessments in other areas. Check back in with your communities of focus to understand whether you have new challenges to understand.

Page last reviewed: March 12, 2021