COVID-19 Vaccine Webinar Series

Two healthcare professionals in a meeting.

CDC is offering a series of brief (15-20 minute) webinars addressing topics around COVID-19 vaccination. These interactive, web-based training modules offer a real-world perspective on different issues around COVID-19 vaccines. Topics range from routine clinical and vaccine safety information to guidance for on-site clinic vaccination activities and having conversations with vaccine recipients. Each webinar includes self-test practice questions and lists additional resources related to the topic discussed.


Immunization providers: Physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, physician assistants, DoD paraprofessionals, medical students, state and local immunization programs, and others authorized to prepare and administer COVID-19 vaccine.

Continuing Education

Continuing education will be available for each module.



Key Additional Resources


This module discusses how to determine the expiration date, beyond-use date, and beyond-use time; when to use the expiration date and when to use the beyond-use date; and where to find comprehensive vaccine storage and preparation resources for clinical staff.

Purpose: To differentiate the expiration date and beyond-use date or time and apply best practices to assure vaccine is given safely and effectively.


This module discusses simultaneous administration or co-administration of vaccines. This is an important clinical strategy because it helps ensure patients receive all vaccines they need are up-to-date.

Purpose:  To review the clinical considerations, best practices and clinical resources for simultaneous administration.


This module reviews multiple aspects of vaccine safety so that healthcare professionals can educate their patients and answer questions. Vaccine life cycle and safety monitoring is described throughout as well as how adverse events are monitored and reported. Finally, the roles of federal agencies in monitoring vaccine safety is also discussed.

Purpose: To understand the systems that are in place to ensure vaccine safety.


This module discusses how healthcare professionals can apply best practices to store and transport vaccines once they are received. Best practices include maintaining cold chain through staff training and establishing a standard operating procedure. Special considerations related to transporting and preparing vaccines are also shared.

Purpose: To understand how to properly store, handle and transport vaccines so that vaccines remain safe and effective.

Page last reviewed: December 9, 2021