COVID-19 Vaccination Toolkits

Get audience-specific toolkits that will allow you, your health care team and other staff to:

  • Build confidence about COVID-19 vaccination among your healthcare teams, pharmacy teams, and staff.
  • Provide your health professionals and pharmacy teams with tools they can use to educate patients and answer questions.
  • Provide proper storage and handling information to your audience. Remember: all vaccination providers participating in the COVID-19 Vaccination Program must store and handle COVID-19 vaccines under proper conditions to maintain the cold chain as outlined in the toolkit and addendum.
Toolkits for Special Populations
essential service worker wearing a mask, standing in front of a van

For Employers of Essential Workers

Help plan for and encourage COVID-19 vaccination in the workplace. Essential Worker Vaccination Toolkit


For Staff of Organizations Serving Communities

Educate communities about the benefits of COVID-19 vaccination, and address common questions and concerns. Community-Based Organization (CBO) Vaccination Toolkit

Page last reviewed: December 17, 2020