COVID-19 Vaccination Toolkits

Get audience-specific toolkits that will allow you, your health care team and other staff to:

  • Build confidence about COVID-19 vaccination among your healthcare teams, pharmacy teams, and staff.
  • Provide your health professionals and pharmacy teams with tools they can use to educate patients and answer questions.
  • Provide proper storage and handling information to your audience. Remember: all vaccination providers participating in the COVID-19 Vaccination Program must store and handle COVID-19 vaccines under proper conditions to maintain the cold chain as outlined in the toolkit and addendum.
Toolkits for Special Populations
essential service worker wearing a mask, standing in front of a van

For Employers of Essential Workers
Help plan for and encourage COVID-19 vaccination in the workplace. Essential Worker Vaccination Toolkit

For Staff of Organizations Serving Communities
Educate communities about the benefits of COVID-19 vaccination, and address common questions and concerns. Community-Based Organization (CBO) Vaccination Toolkit

For School Settings and Childcare Programs
Information and materials for school districts, administrators, teachers, school staff, and other education and childcare professionals, to help promote COVID-19 vaccination and address common questions and concerns. COVID-19 Vaccine Toolkit for School Settings and Childcare Programs

Page last reviewed: December 17, 2020