Support for VAMS Third-Party Clinic Healthcare Professionals

VAMS Frequently Asked Questions for Third-Party Clinic Healthcare Professionals

Logging Vaccine Administration in VAMS

No, there are no electronic signatures in VAMS.

No, only users with the healthcare professional role can enter vaccination administration data.

Yes, any individual with the healthcare professional role in VAMS can access a recipient’s record and log a vaccination event at their clinic. However, the healthcare professional who logs the vaccination will be the healthcare professional of record in all data reporting. A healthcare professional cannot assign a vaccination they log to another healthcare professional.

Only healthcare professionals with access to the Recipient Record can view notes in a patient’s record. This includes other healthcare professionals at your clinic with whom the recipient has a follow-up appointment and healthcare professionals at any other clinic where the recipient has an appointment.

Users should report adverse events to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). More information can be found at icon.


VAMS sends vaccination event data back to each jurisdiction’s immunization information systems (IIS) for aggregation. There is no direct connection between VAMS and clinic EHRs. Clinic administrators should coordinate with their jurisdiction IIS for retrieving or capturing these data in a clinic EHR system.

Account Creation

  • Search your email inbox for an email from
  • Follow the registration link in this email to register your clinic staff account (this step creates your account).
  • If the email isn’t in your inbox, check your junk or spam mail folders.
  • See the Activate Your VAMS Account section in your user manual for step-by-step help.


CDC is currently exploring how to use VAMS for later phases of the COVID-19 response.

VAMS allows for healthcare professionals to backdate vaccinations, allowing vaccination to continue even if VAMS is unavailable. Healthcare professionals will need to document the following information from recipients during vaccination to enter in VAMS once the system is available again.

Information requested during vaccination:

  • Vaccine information, including UoU (vial) barcode, manufacturer, product, and UoU (vial) lot number.
  • Administration site (e.g., left deltoid).
  • Vaccination outcome: successful or unsuccessful. If unsuccessful, was it possible to re-attempt vaccination?
  • Log wastage if it occurred.

Page last reviewed: August 27, 2021