Factsheet for Jurisdictions is a web-based system that allows COVID-19 vaccination providers to report vaccine supply through the COVID Locating Health Provider Portal. In addition, helps the public search for information on provider locations offering vaccination near them and learn how to make an appointment. View additional information on for COVID-19 vaccination planners and providers.’s role in the COVID-19 response and the COVID Locating Health provider platforms serve two roles in the COVID-19 Vaccination Program.

Jurisdictions that report vaccine inventory to for providers in their jurisdiction are also responsible for uploading their public display information directly into the COVID Locating Health Provider platform. These jurisdictions should coordinate with their providers to identify those that should display to the public and collect this information.

Alternatively, jurisdictions may opt to onboard their providers to manage public display administration fields for their site(s) through the provider portal. Jurisdictions that decide on this option should make parallel efforts to update their provider sites’ public display details on behalf of their providers until they are onboarded and able to maintain this information at the provider level.

  1. Inventory reporting (required for all providers): COVID-19 vaccination providers will report on-hand COVID-19 vaccine inventory each day.
  2. Share information about COVID-19 vaccinating locations (optional for providers): It is optional for vaccine providers to display their location to the public. COVID-19 vaccination providers that will be receiving vaccines may choose to make their location publicly visible on, making it easier for the public to find information about locations that carry COVID-19 vaccines and learn how to make an appointment.
  3. Visit the COVID resources webpage for details on submitting public display information for locations that providers wish to display on
    • Providers who wish to display their locations to the public on are highly encouraged to include a weblink to an eligibility screener or appointment scheduler, to help direct people to the appropriate next steps for getting vaccinated at their location(s).
    • will be set to NOT display locations to the public by default. Providers must choose to activate their sites.
    • Inventory quantities will never be displayed to the public. Instead, the system simply lets users know that there is inventory in stock.
    • Users are encouraged to use links or follow directions for next steps providers by each site.

What jurisdictions need to know

The COVID-19 Vaccination Program Provider Agreement requires providers to report vaccine supply information as directed by CDC. Organizations or provider locations receiving COVID-19 vaccine should report supply information daily to using the secure, online COVID Locating Health Provider Portal. In the portal, vaccination providers can report inventory manually or via a secure file upload directly to the COVID Locating Health platform.

The public-facing website is available to show provider locations that carry COVID-19 vaccines. This allows the public to know where they can go to find information about COVID-19 vaccination locations and learn how to make an appointment.

Providers will be able to choose whether their location is displayed on the website. For participating providers, the website shows the provider’s location (as entered by the provider or jurisdiction) including hours of operation, which vaccines are available, and a space for a link which leads to a scheduling system. If there is no relevant link, the consumer will be informed to call the location for more information. Specific vaccine inventory information will not be available to the public. onboarding, reporting, and public display

This process outlines onboarding and reporting for via the COVID Locating Heath Provider Portal.

  1. VTrckS: Before providers can onboard to and report inventory, jurisdictions must
    • Submit each provider site in the provider enrollment agreement file.
    • Register these provider sites in CDC’s Vaccine Tracking System (VTrckS) as COVID-19 vaccination providers by setting a Special Project Provider for COVID-19 flag in the ExIS file.
    • Jurisdictions should contact their CDC immunization information system subject matter expert if you have questions about these steps.
  1. Onboarding: Once jurisdictions have submitted the provider enrollment agreement file and registered the provider with VTrckS providers will receive a preregistration email from the COVID Locating Health Provider Portal with instructions for completing the onboarding (enrollment) process. This onboarding email will be sent to the provider organization’s email address submitted in the provider enrollment form.
  2. Reporting and public display: Organizations will determine whether they will report daily on-hand inventory on behalf of all their provider locations (e.g., a clinic headquarters office reporting on behalf of satellite clinics), or whether individual provider locations are responsible for reporting this information on behalf of their location. Once a determination is made, it must be maintained for the duration of the COVID-19 Vaccination Program.
    • Jurisdictions that are reporting in on behalf of their providers report inventory and update provider public display details for all COVID-19 vaccinating providers in their jurisdiction. Jurisdictions are highly encouraged to coordinate with their providers to ensure the most up-to-date links and guidance are filled in for locations activated for public display on
      • At this time, providers located in jurisdictions reporting through their IIS to on behalf of providers should not register for a account and should follow inventory reporting requirements set by their jurisdiction
      • See the Data Import Documentation for file specifications for inventory reporting and updating public display details.


More public display tips and checklist: Tips for Providers for Public Display in COVID Locating Health Provider Portal ( is maintained by HealthMap in partnership with CDC and Castlight Health.

Page last reviewed: July 1, 2021