and FEMA Mass Vaccinations Sites: What Jurisdictions Need to Know

Jurisdictions supporting mass vaccination sites, including FEMA Community Vaccine Centers (CVCs) may leverage to support public display of using the current provider enrollment process. For FEMA CVCs, these include sites designated to receive vaccine supplied by the FEMA supplemental allocation, including sites that will receive direct delivery and those that act as administration-only sites.

Jurisdictions should work with each site to ensure

  • The points of contact and their email addresses are correct for each site.
  • That each site completes provider enrollment and VTrckS registration (with COVID flag).
  • Inventory should be reported daily in using the jurisdiction’s existing method of reporting to COVID Locating Health Provider Portalexternal icon.

Public Display

Jurisdictions may advertise mass vaccination sites or CVCs they wish to activate on (including link to appointment scheduler or screener) through the same portal used for inventory reporting.

  • If a site changes locations under the same VTrckS PIN, jurisdictions may update the address by uploading a new Provider Enrollment file to the IZ Data Lake.
  • Sites should include a “next action step” that leads to an appointment scheduler or phone number as appropriate and update the Notes field to include vaccination dates for the site. Remember to inactivate public display for the site after the site closes.
  • Use the ‘Provider Notes’ field to share important details about your site(s)
    • E.g., appointments are required, no walk-ins, access from Courtland St., etc.
    • For mass vaccination clinics, including CVCs, include dates of the clinic and any specific instructions on access to the center. ( is maintained by HealthMap (https://healthmap.orgexternal icon) in partnership with CDC and Castlight Health.

Page last reviewed: April 30, 2021