VaccineFinder Factsheet

VaccineFinder screenshot. Text shown is as follows: COVID Locating Health. Update Vaccine Inventory. Upload File. Log Manually. Step 1: Download an inventory spreadsheet. Sptep 2: Update the spreadsheet with your current inventory. Save and rename the file to include today's date. Step 3: Drag and drop today's spreadsheet here. Or browse to upload your file. Browse. Upload.

The new COVID Locating Health Provider Platform will allow for easy reporting

VaccineFinder is a web-based system that allows COVID-19 vaccination providers to report levels of supply. In addition, once there is widespread availability of COVID-19 vaccine, VaccineFinder will help the public search for provider locations offering vaccination near them. View additional information on VaccineFinder for COVID-19 vaccine plannersexternal icon.

VaccineFinder’s role in the COVID-19 response

VaccineFinder and Locating Health provider platforms will serve two roles in the COVID-19 Vaccination Program.

  1. Inventory reporting (required for all providers): COVID-19 vaccination providers will report on-hand COVID-19 vaccine inventory each day.
  2. Increase access to COVID-19 vaccines (optional for providers): Once there is enough supply, COVID-19 vaccination providers may choose to make their location visible on VaccineFinder, making it easier for the public to find provider locations that have COVID-19 vaccine available. CDC will be directing the public to use VaccineFinder to find locations offering COVID-19 vaccine.

What providers need to know

The COVID-19 Vaccination Program Provider Agreement requires providers to report vaccine supply information as directed by CDC. Organizations or provider locations receiving COVID-19 vaccine should report supply information daily to VaccineFinder using the online COVID Locating Health Provider Portal. Vaccination providers can report manually via the secure COVID Locating Health Provider Portal; or via an automated secure data transfer directly to the COVID Locating Health Platform.

When COVID-19 vaccine supply is limited, data reported will only be used for vaccine inventory information—not as a resource to help the public find vaccine. When vaccine is more widely available, providers will be notified that the VaccineFinder public-facing website will be turned on to show COVID-19 vaccination locations. This will allow the public to know where they can go to receive a COVID-19 vaccination. Providers will be able to choose whether their location is displayed on the website. For participating providers, the VaccineFinder website will show the provider’s location and contact information and will indicate that the provider has vaccine available. Specific inventory information will not be available to the public.

VaccineFinder onboarding and reporting

The process below outlines onboarding and reporting for VaccineFinder via the COVID Locating Heath Provider Portal. The reporting structure chosen by each organization must be maintained for the duration of the COVID-19 Vaccination Program.

  1. COVID-19 vaccination providers must be registered in CDC’s Vaccine Tracking System (VTrckS). Providers registered in VTrckS will receive an email from the COVID Locating Health Provider Portal with instructions for completing the enrollment process. This email will be sent to the provider organization’s email address submitted in the provider enrollment form.
  2. Organizations will determine whether they will report daily on-hand inventory on behalf of all their provider locations (e.g., a clinic headquarters office reporting on behalf of satellite clinics), or whether individual provider locations are responsible for reporting this information. Once a determination is made, it must be maintained for the duration of the COVID-19 Vaccination Program.
    • Provider locations designated as inventory reporting entities by their organizations will receive instructions for completing the COVID Locating Health Provider Portal enrollment process.
  3. Organizations enrolled in the COVID Locating Health Provider Portal can view their approved provider location details and update inventory within the portal. Provider locations identified as inventory reporting entities will enroll to access their COVID Locating Health Provider Portal account and report daily COVID-19 vaccine inventory.
  4. Additional detail on steps for onboardingexternal icon are available.

Existing VaccineFinder accounts: What if I already report data for routine vaccines via my existing Locating Health account? Can I just use that account?

All COVID-19 vaccination providers will need to create a new account in the COVID Locating Health Provider Portal specifically for COVID-19 vaccine information.

  • There will initially be two Locating Health Provider Portals (plans are in place to integrate these provider portals into one platform in the coming months):
    • Locating Health Provider Portal for reporting seasonal and routine vaccine availability
    • COVID Locating Health Provider Portal for required daily reporting of on-hand COVID-19 vaccine inventory quantities
  • If you are reporting manually:
    • Organizations will continue to access the existing Locating Health Provider Portal to update availability of influenza and other routine vaccines and medications.
    • Organizations will log into the new COVID Locating Health Provider Portal to submit dailyCOVID-19 vaccine inventory reports for each participating provider location (online form or batch upload).
  • If you are using automated reporting:
    • Organizations will continue to send data files to VaccineFinder to update availability of influenza vaccines and routine adult and child vaccines and medications at their provider locations.
    • For COVID-19 reporting, organizations will add COVID-19 vaccination providers and COVID-19 vaccine quantities to their existing data file and send to VaccineFinder via the usual process.

Batch reporting: Can jurisdictions report on behalf of their providers?

If your jurisdiction’s public health agency is collecting daily inventory reports from providers through existing platforms (e.g., immunization information system, or IIS, pandemic modules), your jurisdiction may choose to submit daily on-hand COVID-19 vaccine inventory via batch reporting to VaccineFinder through the COVID Locating Health Provider Portal. Please note the following important considerations for inventory reporting at the jurisdiction level:

  1. Jurisdictions interested in this reporting method should send an email to (subject: VaccineFinder-IIS) before onboarding on November 16, 2020.
  2. This reporting option will only be available at the start of the COVID-19 vaccination program. Jurisdictions that choose this reporting method must continue using it for the duration of the COVID-19 vaccination program.
  3. Jurisdictions that choose to use batch reporting must submit daily on-hand inventory for all COVID-19 vaccination providers in their jurisdiction for whom they are placing orders in VTrckS.
  4. Jurisdictions will need to identify a primary and secondary point of contact (name and valid email address) to create an account in the COVID Locating Health Provider Portal. These individuals will be responsible for submitting daily inventory reports to VaccineFinder via the provider portal.

How the public uses VaccineFinder

VaccineFinder’s goal is to make it easy for people to find a nearby location where they can be vaccinated. For 11 years, the VaccineFinder website has helped people find clinics that offer seasonal influenza and routine adult and child vaccinations. Once COVID-19 vaccines are widely available, VaccineFinder will help people find locations where they can receive COVID-19 vaccine.

At the websiteexternal icon, a person may enter their ZIP code and search for a provider that has a specific vaccine in their area. VaccineFinder displays mapped results of locations and vaccine availability.

1VaccineFinder (www.vaccinefinder.orgexternal icon) is maintained by HealthMap (https://healthmap.orgexternal icon) in partnership with CDC and Castlight Health.

To register your location in VaccineFinder:For COVID-19 vaccination, you must coordinate with your organization or jurisdiction’s immunization program.

For routine vaccinations, register at icon.

Page last reviewed: December 15, 2020