COVID-19 Vaccination Program Provider Enrollment: Guidance for Providers

Providers play an essential role in making sure everyone can receive COVID-19 vaccination. Understanding the COVID-19 Vaccination Program provider enrollment process is the first step toward providing COVID-19 vaccination services.

Providers enrolling in the COVID-19 Vaccination Program must:

  • Sign the CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Provider Agreement. Your jurisdiction’s immunization program will provide guidance on how to access, complete, and submit the Provider Agreement.
  • Enroll in your jurisdiction’s Immunization Information System (IIS). Your jurisdiction will provide directions for how to enroll.
  • Be trained on how to administer vaccines, report and manage vaccine inventory, store and handle vaccine, report adverse events, report doses administered data, and other essential topics related to the administration of COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Report COVID-19 vaccine inventory daily to In some jurisdictions, providers report daily inventory to the jurisdiction’s IIS, and the jurisdiction reports that information to on behalf of providers. Providers will receive guidance from their jurisdiction on where to report their daily inventory of COVID-19 vaccines (i.e., IIS or If your jurisdiction requires you to report daily inventory to, you will receive an email to begin the enrollment process in and complete your profile.
What is is a website used by the general public to find vaccination clinics and by providers to report vaccine inventory. directs consumers to COVID-19 vaccination; however, providers may opt to not have their location visible to users among the general public.

Provider Considerations before Signing the Provider Agreement

If you are interested in being a COVID-19 vaccination provider, you must be licensed in your jurisdiction to possess or administer vaccines. Enrolled providers must also sign and agree to comply with the requirements of the CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Provider Agreement.

Preparations after Signing the Provider Agreement

After completing the Provider Agreement, follow the process specified by your jurisdiction’s immunization program to complete the steps below. For vaccine inventory management, and VTrckS require each provider or clinic to have a functioning email address associated with either the provider (facility) record or the main contact record or both.

  • If not already enrolled, enroll in your jurisdiction’s IIS.
  • Providers will be enrolled in, if designated by your jurisdiction. Providers will be notified via email to complete their profile. Follow the directions in the email to complete your profile in Your clinic’s location will default to not being visible on the public website to the general public. If you want your clinic to be publicly searchable you will need to change the default setting.
  • Providers should prepare for daily COVID-19 vaccine inventory reporting. Once vaccine supply is available to you, you will be required to provide daily COVID-19 vaccine inventory reporting to, as well as any additional inventory reporting required by your jurisdiction.
  • Become familiar with v-safe,  a new smartphone-based, after-vaccination health checker for people who receive COVID-19 vaccines. V-safe uses text messaging and web surveys from CDC to check in with vaccine recipients about their symptoms and any change in health status following COVID-19 vaccination. After a person receives a dose of COVID-19 vaccine, messages will be sent:
    • Daily for one week
    • Weekly until 6 weeks after vaccination
    • Once at 3, 6, and 12 months after vaccination
  • Once vaccine administration begins, promote v-safe to your patients and give them the v-safe fact sheet and information at the point of service. It’s important for providers to encourage patients to opt in. Note: v-safe is optional. While COVID-19 vaccines are held to FDA’s scientific standards for safety and efficacy under an EUA or licensure, participants in v-safe will benefit from knowing that their experience following vaccination is being tracked and will help CDC continue to monitor the safety of COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Identify a second-dose reminder system to provide to your patients. CDC’s second dose reminder text message system, VaxTextsm, is a free vaccine reminder/recall text message program that vaccine recipients can opt into to receive reminders to schedule their second vaccination. Your jurisdiction may also have other second-dose reminder systems available for use.

After agreeing to the requirements described above by signing the Provider Agreement, enrolling in the IIS and, and receiving training, you will be able to provide COVID-19 vaccination services. Keep in mind, that initial supply will be limited, and you may not be one of the first providers to receive vaccine supply even if you are eligible, enrolled, and ready. However, as more vaccine becomes available, vaccine will be more broadly distributed.


[1] Serious AEs are defined as: death, a life-threatening AE, inpatient hospitalization or prolongation of existing hospitalization, persistent or significant incapacity or substantial disruption of the ability to conduct normal life functions, a congenital anomaly/birth defect, or an important medical event that may not result in death, be life-threatening, or require hospitalization when, based upon appropriate medical judgment, it may jeopardize the patient and may require medical or surgical intervention to prevent one of the outcomes listed above. Serious AEs should be reported regardless of causality.

Page last reviewed: April 29, 2021