Common Questions about Budget Revisions (Redirections)

This document is intended increase IP19-1901 immunization awardees understanding of “budget redirections”.  Please direct any questions you may have that are not answered by this document to your POB Project Officer.

What a budget revision?

A budget revision, sometimes referred to as redirections or re-budgeting, occurs when funds move between direct cost budget categories in a budget.

Do I need to consult with my project officer before shifting funds?

YES!  Consulting with your project officer will help ensure the desired funding shifts are allowable, all the necessary details are included, and the correct type of redirection request is submitted.

I know the two different types of redirections are ‘informal’ and ‘formal’. What’s the difference?

The difference between informal and formal redirection is the threshold associated with the movement of funds and the mechanism for submission.

Funding shifts in an approved budget that are 25% or less than the total award is classified as informal redirections and documented through a grant note in GrantSolutions.  Funding shifts that exceed 25% of the total award are classified as formal redirections and are submitted as budget revision amendments in GrantSolutions.

Note, informal redirection requests are cumulative. Please ensure you are tracking re-budgeting shifts.  If your program submits multiple informal requests and the total cumulative funding exceeds 25%, then a formal redirection that includes all budget changes will be required.

We have several different funding pots under IP19-1901 with core, component, and COVID supplement funding. What is the ‘total award’ funding that we use to calculate whether we’ve met the 25% threshold?

The 25% threshold that determines whether a redirection is informal or formal is counted against the total funding available by COVID and non-COVID funds.

  • For COVID funding, the total award is the combined total of funding awarded under all COVID supplements. This funding has document numbers 19NH23IP922XXXC3, 20NH23IP922XXXC4, 20NH23IP922XXXC5, and 20NH23IP922XXXC6.
  • For non-COVID funding, the total award is the combined total of funding awarded under the core award, components, or non-COVID supplements. This funding will have the document number for these funds is 19NH23IP922XXX (without an additional “C” suffix and number).

Informal redirections are cumulative, but for what period do we need to track this accumulation of funding shifts?

Redirections are counted against the budget period – this differs for COVID and non-COVID funds:

  • For COVID funding, the project period is July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2024. Informal redirections can occur throughout this entire period until the 25% threshold is reached at which point funding shifts will be formal redirections.
  • For non-COVID funding, the project period is a typical 12-month budget. For example, budget year 2 is July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021.  Informal redirections can occur within the 12-month budget for non-COVID funds until the 25% threshold is reached at which point funding shifts will be formal redirections.

How do I submit an informal redirection and what information do I have to provide?

Informal redirection requests should be submitted to the POB project officer for review and concurrence, and subsequently uploaded into GrantSolutions as a grant note.

In the documentation provided to your project officer, include:

  • Justification for redirection, including whether the updates remain within the original scope
  • Details on the movement of funds.

How do I submit a formal redirection and what information do I have to provide?

After consultation with your project officer to ensure desired shifts are allowable, formal redirection requests must be submitted into GrantSolutions as a budget revision amendment. Recipients must include a cover letter on official letterhead signed by the Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) that provides a brief description of the requested changes.

With the amendment, submit:

Should we submit redirections for COVID and non-COVID funds separately?

Recipients can submit one redirection request that encompasses re-budgeting from more than one award.  Please ensure the cover letter and budget tables are clear, and that there are separate tables for each project for which funds are shifting.

I want to award a contract that was not previously included in my budget. It’s a small contract less than the threshold for a formal redirection. Can I add this contract to my budget as an informal redirection?

No.  Recipients must obtain written approval from CDC prior to establishing a third-party contractor to perform program activities. Approval by CDC to utilize funds and initiate program activities through the services of a contractor requires the submission of six elements for contractors and seven elements for consultants.  Please review CDC’s Budget Preparation Guidelines for details regarding the required elements: icon.

Is there a deadline for the submission of redirection requests?

Redirection requests can be submitted as the need to redirect funds is identified.  However, for timely approval, CDC Office of Grants Services recommends submission of requests at least 120 days prior to the end of budget period and inclusion of any supporting documentation needed for analysis.

Page last reviewed: October 4, 2021