Promoting COVID-19 Vaccine in Long-term Care Settings

Illustration of health care providers wearing masks

The risk for severe COVID-19 illness increases with older adults and those with underlying medical conditions. Because of this, the federal government is committed to ensuring that residents and staff in long-term care (LTC) settings, such as nursing homes, assisted living communities, residential care communities, group homes and senior housing, have access to COVID-19 vaccines. For additional examples of LTC settings, see COVID-19 Vaccine Access in Long-Term Care Settings.

The goal is to continue to protect people who are disproportionately affected by COVID-19—especially residents in LTC settings. It is important to build confidence in COVID-19 vaccines while increasing protection for LTC residents.

Many LTC providers have already identified strategies and partnerships to obtain and administer COVID-19 vaccines for residents and staff. These include the following:

Additional strategies can be found in the LTC Pharmacy Partnerships section of the CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Planning and Partnerships page.

LTC providers are encouraged to consider the option that works best for their residents and staff when coordinating access to COVID-19 vaccines, either in the local community or on-site. Additional details on these options are available on the pages linked below.

Additional Information: COVID-19 Vaccination Recommendations

COVID-19 vaccines available in the United States are highly effective at preventing serious outcomes of COVID-19 including severe disease, hospitalization, and death. As with other infectious diseases, people are protected best from COVID-19 when they stay up to date with recommended vaccine doses. Efforts to maximize the proportion of people in the United States who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 remain critical to reducing the spread.

Staying up to date means getting all recommended COVID-19 vaccine doses, including a booster shot, when eligible.

People who are moderately or severely immunocompromised have specific COVID-19 vaccine recommendations, which include an additional third dose to complete their primary series, as well as a booster shot for those eligible.

COVID-19 vaccines may be administered along with and on the same day as other vaccines, such as the flu vaccine. Administer each injection in a different injection site. For more information, see Interim Clinical Considerations for Use of COVID-19 Vaccines.

Page last reviewed: July 5, 2022