Storage and Handling of Novavax COVID-19 Vaccines

Note: Some COVID-19 monovalent vaccine products are expired or expiring soon. Healthcare professionals should:

  • Always check expiration dates prior to administration. Never administer expired vaccine.
  • CDC recommends providers check vaccine expiration dates weekly; all expired vaccine doses must be removed from the storage unit, and discarded according to the manufacturer’s guidance, state, and federal regulations.
  • Other COVID-19 vaccine products are available for those persons seeking vaccination and who have not completed a primary series, see Clinical Guidance for COVID-19 Vaccination | CDC.

Follow CDC’s and manufacturer’s guidance for vaccine storage. Some vaccine storage conditions are associated with beyond-use dates and times. Providers should track these time frames. Vaccine should NOT be used after the expiration date or beyond-use date/time.

Storage and Handling Overview
  • Ensure staff are knowledgeable of correct storage of the vaccines.
  • Follow CDC’s guidance for storage units and temperature monitoring.
  • Vaccines must be unpacked, stored at recommended temperatures, and documented immediately after arrival.
Storage and Handling Labels