Administration of Moderna COVID-19 Vaccines

Prepare and administer the appropriate product based on the recipient’s age.

  • Blue cap with magenta bordered label – 6 months through 5 years
  • Red cap – 18 years of age and older
Administration Overview

Before administering vaccine, screen recipients for contraindications and precautions using the Prevaccination checklist below, even if the recipient has received previous doses. The recipient’s health condition or recommendations for vaccination may change from one visit to the next.

Prepare and administer the vaccine following manufacturer’s guidance which is outlined in CDC’s Preparation and Administration summary below.  Note: use the correct summary based on the vial cap color.

Follow the COVID-19 vaccination schedule (below) based on age and medical condition.

Prevaccination Screening Checklist

COVID-19 Prevaccination Guidelines

Download a prevaccination checklist in multiple languages.

More about Moderna COVID-19 Vaccines

Find information and resources for each of the available Moderna COVID-19 Vaccines.

Page last reviewed: June 23, 2022