ACIP Presentation Slides: February 24-25, 2021 Meeting

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February 24, 2021

Welcome & Introductions

Rabies Vaccines

  • Introduction
    Dr. S Frey
  • Rabies pre-exposure prophylaxis: summary of background information
    Dr. A Rao
  • Rabies pre-exposure prophylaxis: summary of Evidence to Recommendations
    Dr. A Rao
  • Approach to rabies post-exposure prophylaxis
    Dr. A Rao
  • Work group interpretations of data about rabies immune globulin and next steps for the WG
    Dr. A Rao
  • Rabies Vaccines
    Dr. A Rao

Dengue Vaccine

Tick-borne Encephalitis (TBE) Vaccine

Ebola Vaccine

Hepatitis Vaccine

February 25, 2021

Welcome & Introductions

Pneumococcal Vaccines

Zoster Vaccine

Influenza Vaccines

Cholera Vaccine

Orthopoxviruses Vaccines

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