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Videos: February 27-28, 2019

Welcome & Japanese Encephalitis [52 minutes]
Welcome; Introduction, Background and review, Updated recommendations for U.S. travelers, Accelerated primary series in adults, Booster dose recommendation

Anthrax Vaccines [81 minutes]
Introduction, AV7909 (NuThrax), Preexposure AVA booster dose interval

Influenza Vaccines [90 minutes]
Introduction, Surveillance update, VE update, Afluria quadrivalent for children aged 6 through 59 months, Inactivated influenza vaccine and spontaneous abortion in the Vaccine Safety Datalink, Summary and work group considerations

Human Papillomavirus Vaccines [102 minutes]
Introduction, Overview and background Impact and cost effectiveness of mid-adult HPV vaccination, Overview of health economic results from 4 modeling groups Mid-adult HPV vaccination: patient values and acceptability Program and vaccine provider surveys, Work group considerations

Combination Vaccines [50 minutes]
Introduction, Immunogenicity and safety of a pediatric hexavalent vaccine, Hib vaccines in AI/AN population, Summary, review of work group considerations

Public Comment [68 minutes]
Public Comment

Votes [15 minutes]
VOTES: Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine, Anthrax Vaccines

Agency updates ; Pneumococcal [173 minutes]
Agency Updates & Unfinished Business; Pneumococcal Vaccines: Introduction PCV13 direct and indirect effects on serotype 3 disease, PCV13 direct effects on pneumonia hospitalizations in adults Comparison of economic analyses of PCV13 use among adults ≥65 years old, GRADE and Evidence to Recommendations (EtR) for PCV13 use among adults ≥65 years old in the context of indirect effects experience to date

Meningococcal Vaccines [84 minutes]
Introduction, Immunogenicity and safety of a MenB-FHbp booster dose, Immunogenicity and safety of a MenB-4C booster dose, GRADE and Evidence to Recommendations Framework for MenB booster doses, Work Group interpretation of data, considerations, and next steps

Zoster & Hepatitis vaccines [89 minutes]
Zoster vaccine uptake and supply, RZV safety update; HepA vaccines and persons with HIV infection GRADE: Use of HepA vaccines among persons with HIV infection, Evidence to Recommendation Framework: Use of HepA vaccines among persons with HIV infection

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