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Helicobacter pylori and Peptic Ulcer Disease

Key Targets for Local Campaigns

Target the Community

Plan activities that reach more consumers who would benefit from hearing the ulcer disease message.  To be even more targeted, plan local activities that attract the typical ulcer sufferer to let consumers know that their ulcer may be curable.  Even better, incorporate the "Celebrate the Cure" message into existing activities around your community.  Tie-in Ulcer Awareness Week to activities or situations that have been traditionally associated with ulcer sufferers-namely stressful situations or spicy foods -as a way to point out that they no longer have to avoid these activities. For example:

  • Distribute brochures at a local or county fair
  • Sponsor the Chili Cook-Off, Fish Fry or Spaghetti Night, and have a spokesperson that can highlight the fact that ulcer sufferers can now be cured for good
  • Work with your local sports team to run the ulcer message during sporting events to let people know that anxiety over their teams isn't causing ulcers
  • Include the "Celebrate the Cure" message in church bulletins
  • Work with local restaurants in your community to sponsor a "Taste of." event, and distribute ulcer awareness materials to let people know that it's not food that causes ulcers
  • Work with your local department of transportation to post the ulcer/infection message on expressway electronic signs, as a public service, to point out that the stress of traffic doesn't cause an ulcer
  • Work with your local outdoor board association to post ulcer awareness billboards on unused outdoor boards at a nonprofit rate

Potential Partners

  • Local restaurants and/or restaurant associations
  • Professional sports team, local or regional
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • Local Churches
  • Local or state Outdoor Advertising Association
  • Department of Transportation

Target Health Care Settings

Work with health care facilities to "Celebrate the Cure" in your community.  A health care setting is an excellent opportunity to educate consumers as they wait to see a health care provider. For example:

  • Work with a local hospital, clinic or health department to sponsor H. pylori consultations for ulcer patients who have experienced ulcer symptoms
  • Hang a banner or posters around clinics, hospitals or health departments announcing Ulcer Awareness Week telling people to ask about the cure for ulcers
  • Ask health care professionals to wear an Ulcer Awareness Week button
  • Include editorial content in a health care facility's community newsletter about ulcer disease and encourage patients who have a history of ulcer disease to consult their physician about getting tested
  • Print the H. pylori brochure and place it in easily viewed areas of the waiting room
  • Schedule a health fair during Ulcer Awareness Week that focuses on gastrointestinal health and ulcer disease

Potential Partners

  • Community health clinics
  • Emergency rooms
  • Local hospitals
  • Women's clinics
  • Local Health Departments
  • Managed Care Organizations

Target Local Businesses

Local businesses offer an excellent opportunity to reach a range of consumers.  Retail businesses attract diverse consumers, and consumers are more receptive to new information while they are shopping. For example:

  • Partner with a pharmacy chain or local pharmacy to display Ulcer Awareness Week posters and brochures
  • Encourage your local pharmacists to wear "Celebrate the Cure" stickers
  • Place shelf talkers (attaches to a shelf and provides information about products) near antacids in local pharmacies, supermarkets, convenience stores and other retailers
  • Partner with a local nutrition or health food store to display a Ulcer Awareness Week banner or poster
  • Ask a local restaurant or cafeteria chain to display posters, and use table cards or tray liners with the ulcer message

Potential Partners

  • Local pharmacies
  • Super markets
  • Convenience Stores
  • Health and Nutrition Stores
  • Discount retail stores
  • Local restaurant or cafeteria chains

Target the Work Site

Since most of our target audience is employed, the work site is an ideal place to conduct ulcer awareness activities.  Work with local businesses or business associations in your community to conduct on-site interventions and events. For example:

  • Work with companies in your area to sponsor a "Celebrate the Cure" work place promotion where employees could talk with health professionals about their ulcers, as well as other health related issues
  • Post brochures and posters in workplace lunchrooms and community boards
  • Work with companies in your area to distribute brochures or bill stuffers to employees with their paycheck

Potential Partners

  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Hospital-based wellness programs
  • Human resource managers at local companies
  • Employee assistance programs

Target Health Professionals

Educating health professionals about peptic ulcer disease is necessary to raising awareness of the link between peptic ulcer disease and H. pylori.  Look at what your organization can do to reach health professionals and educate them about ulcer disease. For example:

  • Include editorial content in a health professional newsletter about the link between ulcers and the infection H. pylori
  • Distribute "Celebrate the Cure" pamphlets with your newsletter or other communications to your members
  • Produce "Celebrate the Cure" buttons and distribute to health professionals
  • Conduct a week of seminars focused on gastrointestinal issues in observance of Ulcer Awareness Week
  • Post on your web site information about the bacterium H. pylori and its link to ulcer disease, and link your site to the CDC web site: .


Call 1-888-my ulcer

For information about H. pylori infection and ulcers,
see your health care provider or call toll-free: 1-888-MY-ULCER. Email Your Plans for Ulcer Awareness Week along with your thoughts and comments to


Page Last Modified: September 28, 2006
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