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This section includes resources, shareable graphics, and social media messages (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter) for you to promote the MyMobility Plan. Help spread the word about how to help keep older adults safe, mobile, and independent!

Check out CDC’s new mobility planning tool. Maintain independence by staying mobile as you age. Create a personalized #MyMobilityPlan: icon

Just like planning for retirement, older adults can make a plan to stay mobile and independent tomorrow. See how: icon

Stay safe, mobile, and independent as you age. Download CDC’s new planning tool and create your own plan today! icon #MyMobilityPlan

Regular doctor visits, checking your medicines, and planning ahead can help older adults stay mobile and independent. Create a MyMobility Plan today, or help a loved one create theirs! icon

Older Adults: You need to see well to drive safely at night. Get annual eye exams & address vision issues. Find more tips in the new older adult mobility planning tool. icon #MyMobilityPlan

Strength and balance activities can help prevent older adult falls. Stay safe, mobile, and independent. Create a #MyMobilityPlan icon

We all plan for the future in a variety of ways, but planning for changes in our mobility, or in the ability to get around, is often overlooked. CDC developed a new tool to assist older adults to plan for potential changes in mobility—called the MyMobility Plan. It includes practical steps on how to make a plan to stay independent, how to stay safe at home, and how to stay mobile in the community. #plan #safe #MyMobilityPlan Download it here: icon

The MyMobility Plan provides resources and tips for older adults to help manage their health to maintain mobility, make their homes safer to prevent falls, and consider alternative transportation options as they age so they can stay safe, mobile, and independent longer. Download it here: icon