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Seven Deadly Myths: Myth 7

"I've tried to quit, but I can't!"

Length : 2 Min 05 Sec

Myth 7 video


(Video of a female putting a burning cigarette into an ashtray. Title reads, Myth #7 "I've tried to quit, but I can't!")

Person 1: I've tried to quit, but I can't!

Person 2: If you are paying attention to the news now, then you know smoking is dangerous. But, at this point how do you stop?

Person 3: But, I think I could quit one by one. You know, I just all sudden like, say I'm done with this pack, I'm throwing it away and I 'm not smoking ever again. No, I just can't do that.

Dr. Bill Lloyd (Heath Expert, It's not a sign of weakness if you have to use a patch to quit smoking. It's a sign that you have determined that you are going to improve your health and this is the way you're going to do it.

Person 4: But, I just think about what my life felt like before I was smoking again and it was a much better place to be and I'd like to go back there.

Christy Turlington: The good news is you can quit and there is help. It might not be easy. It may not happen the first time. But there are 50 million Americans who have quit. That is more than who still smoke. There are also exciting new developments in pharmaceutical therapies that can help.

Person 5: I think it is very important to emphasis that it is never too late to quit smoking.

Person 6: Don't stop trying. I tried several times to quit and I was finally able to do it. Don't be discouraged it takes time. You're literally changing you life.

Person 7: I'm strong. I have to be strong. I'm strong. You really have to get your mind in that sense that you're not, that control, that you are now in control not the cigarette.

Person 8: Every time you don't give into that urge you feel so good. You're so happy that you didn't smoke. And then you're like, Ahh. You feel better it's past. Your hands don't smell, your hair doesn't smell, you don't have to hide it and run and brush your teeth and hide it from anybody. You know you're just happy with yourself that you didn't give in.

Christy Turlington: Now that you know that your not alone in this reach out for help. For great quitting tips visit the Centers of Disease Control and prevention Web site ( on screen) you can also visit Dr. Bill at he's a former smoker himself and offers a lot of help to stay motivated and stay healthy. The point is to keep trying to do whatever it takes. It's your body and your life. Don't give up giving up.