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Seven Deadly Myths: Myth 6

Myth 6: "I smoke 'light' cigarettes so I won't get hurt as much."

Length : 1 Min 20 Sec

Myth 6 video


(Video of a female putting a burning cigarette into an ashtray. Title reads, Myth #6 "I smoke Light cigarettes so I won't get hurt as much.")

Background: I smoke Light cigarettes so I won't get hurt as much.

Background speech: Something Wonderful.

Screen: ...When you change to Philip Morris

Christy Turlington: The cigarette companies knew when people started worrying about the health effects of smoking and they made changes in the cigarettes to make smokers think they were smoking safer calling them light and pure. These changes were part of a long running public relations campaign, to keep current customers smoking and attract new smokers.

Screen: You feel better

Coughs due to smoking disappear.
Parched Throat.
Smoked Out feeling vanishes.

Person 1: That didn't deter me from smoking them. Because they were light. Why wouldn't they be better for you.

Person 2: What I found with cigarettes that are suppose to be light, I guess better for you is the idea, is that you just smoke more of them because there is less nicotine so you feel it, you haven't got the full hit and you need another one.

Dr. Bill Lloyd: It's interesting that since filtered cigarettes have been developed and have become more popular. The types of lung cancers people get, including women has changed.

Christy Turlington: There is no such thing as a safe cigarette and the poisonous ingredients in cigarettes aren't just limited to tar and nicotine. Here's a typical recipe for a cigarette: Lead, Ammonia (a household cleaner), Arsenic (used in rat poison), Benzene (used in making gas), Butane Gas, Carbon Monoxide (a poisonous gas), DDT (a banned insecticide), Polonium 210 (cancer causing radioactive elements.)