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Seven Deadly Myths: Myth 5

"It’s better to smoke because if I quit, I'll get fat."

Length : 1 Min 25 Sec

Myth 5 video


(Video of an ashtray with burning cigarette. Female hand picks up cigarette. Title reads Myth #5: It’s better to smoke because if I quit I’m going to get fat.)

Background Voice: It’s better to smoke because if I quit I’m going to get fat.

Female Voice #1: All of my friends who are smokers, are, that’s one of the reasons why they keep smoking because they are so afraid of gaining weight.

Christy Turlington: Women are much more concern about their weight than are men. Cigarette companies know this and want you to think that smoking will help keep you thin. Lets hear from some women who have successfully quit.

Female Voice #2: (women who successfully quit) I didn’t gain any weight. I think that if you implement a daily exercise into your life, some other type of physical activity, maybe walking, as oppose to standing outside having a cigarette.

Dr. Virginia L. Errister, PHD: People who quit smoking, on average gain a few pounds. What would you rather have, a few extra pounds or bad breathe, yellow teeth, smelly clothes, losing several dollars, if not six, five or six dollars a day to an industry which is ultimately very likely to make you a victim, ah, and to claim you in an early death.

Christy Turlington: And you think smoking makes you look good think again.

Female Voice #3: Don’t look at the pictures, don’t look at the Virginia Slims, and you know, there free, alive with freedom. Follow a smoker around and look at how crippling this is. My nails where yellow and brittle, my skin was you know dry, and I’m not going to even get into the number of men I missed out on dating because they didn’t date girls who smoked. (Laughing)