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The resources on this page are intended for adults who educate or serve youth ages 11 – 18 (teachers, youth ministers, coaches, scout leaders, etc.). Utilizing the talking points and information for users document, the presenter does not require additional information, nor permission to deliver the presentation.

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Know the risks: a youth guide to e-cigarettes

Cover for Know the Risks Youth presentation which is a picture of teenage youth in front of graffiti.
First slide of the Know the Risks: Youth and E-Cigarettes presentation deck.

Know the risks: a parent’s guide to e-cigarettes and youth

CDC’s Office on Smoking and Health (OSH) developed this presentation to educate parents on youth e-cigarette use, including the health risks, the factors that lead to e-cigarette use, and what parents can do to help youth avoid all tobacco products, including e-cigarettes.

Know the Risks: A Parent’s Guide to E-Cigarettes and Youth screen capture of the first slide in the deck with pictures of two youth in a school, a binder, a tobacco free zone sign, and a picture of vapes.
First slide for the Know the Risks: A Parent's Guide to E-Cigarettes and Youth presentation deck.

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