Youth Tobacco Survey (YTS)

YTS collects data from students in grades 6 through 12. Individual State Departments of Health plan and implement the survey with assistance from the CDC staff in OSH. The YTS is intended to enhance the capacity of state agencies and organizations to design, implement, and evaluate tobacco prevention and control programs for the purposes of preventing young people from using tobacco and helping current users quit.

The YTS measures the following components:

  • Knowledge and attitudes regarding tobacco use
  • Exposure to media and advertising
  • Information on the enforcement of minors’ access regulations and laws
  • Presence of tobacco programs in school curricula
  • Cessation attempts and successes
  • Second hand smoke exposure
  • Prevalence of other tobacco products (i.e., pipe use, bidis, kreteks, and snus)

The YTS Startup Package was developed in response to the continuous technical assistance being requested by states implementing the Youth Tobacco Survey (YTS). The documents are typically sent to states via email in a “zip” file. States receive the master file soon after they’ve contacted the Office on Smoking and Health (OSH) expressing an interest in conducting a YTS.

To extract the YTS Data,  you must have zip software. Download a trial version of WinZip at

2011 YTS Data and Documentation
YTS Data and Documentation
Surveillance Summary Tables