2001 Surgeon General's Report: Dispelling the Myths About Tobacco

The ultimate goal of Dispelling the Myths About Tobacco is to lead girls and women toward happy, healthy, and smoke-free lives.

This companion toolkit to the 2001 Surgeon General’s Report includes suggestions and ideas in the form of presentations, programs, media outreach, and other activities. It is organized into tabulated sections so that you can go quickly to the parts that fit your needs, your style, or your audience, and so that you can add, delete, highlight, and edit as you learn through practice.

The toolkit was designed to help health care providers, public health professionals, teachers, faith-based and community groups, concerned citizens, and other community leaders address the threat of tobacco to the safety and welfare of women around the world.

Disclaimer: Data and findings provided in the publications on this page reflect the content of this particular Surgeon General’s Report. More recent information may exist elsewhere on the Smoking & Tobacco Use Web site (for example, in fact sheets, frequently asked questions, or other materials that are reviewed on a regular basis and updated accordingly).