Prevalence of Electronic Cigarette Use Among Adult Workers — United States, 2017–2018

March 5, 2021 / Vol. 70 / 09

MMWR Introduction

To estimate recent national prevalence of electronic (e-cigarette) use among U.S. workers,* CDC analyzed 2017–2018 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) data for adults aged 18 years old or older who were employed during the week before the interview. Among an estimated 156 million U.S. workers, 5.3 million (3.4%) were current e-cigarette users (i.e., “every day” or “some days” use), approximately one half of whom also currently used combustible tobacco products. Current e-cigarette use was highest among males, non-Hispanic Whites, persons aged 18–24 years, those with no health insurance, those reporting poor or fair physical health, and those who currently used other tobacco products. Prevalence of e-cigarette use was highest among workers in the accommodation and food services industry and in food preparation and serving-related occupations.

Full implementation of targeted, evidence-based tobacco-control interventions that address the diversity of tobacco products used by U.S. adults, in coordination with regulation of tobacco product manufacturing, marketing, and sales, can reduce tobacco-related disease and death. To maximize the health of workers, employers can integrate comprehensive and effective tobacco cessation programs into workplace health promotion programs.


*Adults who were “working at a job or business,” “with a job or business but not at work,” or “working, but not for pay, at a family-owned job or business” during the week before the interview.

MMWR Highlights

Among an estimated 156,306,000 U.S. workers, 2017–2018:

  • Estimated current e-cigarette users, 5.3 million (3.4%).
  • Number and percentage of daily use among current e-cigarette users, 2.3 million (43.1%).
  • Current e-cigarette users of combustible tobacco, 2.6 million (49.5%).