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The individuals below are participating in the Tips From Former Smokers® campaign. All of them have been affected by cigarette smoke. Some are former smokers and some have never smoked. Almost all of them are living with smoking-related diseases and disabilities. These diseases and disabilities changed the quality of their lives — some dramatically — including how they eat, dress and handle daily tasks they once loved doing. They speak from experience and agreed to share their stories with you, to send a single, powerful message: Quit smoking now. Or better yet — don’t ever start.

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African Americans


Meet Annette S. Annette, age 57, lives in New York and began smoking in her teens. At age 52, she was diagnosed with lung cancer, which required removal of one of her lungs. She was later diagnosed with oral cancer.

Meet Asaad and Leah

Meet Asaad M. and Leah M. Asaad, age 25, lives in California with his mother, Leah, age 52. Leah has colorectal cancer from smoking that metastasized to her lung. Asaad was 19 years old when he put his life on hold to take care of his mom.


Meet Geri M. Geri, age 58, lives in Michigan and started smoking menthol cigarettes at age 20. She lives with smoking-related chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and relies on oxygen therapy to help her breathe.


Meet Jamason C.  Jamason, age 18, lives in Kentucky. He was an infant when he was diagnosed with asthma. When people smoke around him, the secondhand smoke can trigger life-threatening asthma attacks.


Meet James F. James, age 48, lives in New York and began smoking at age 14. He quit smoking in 2010 to reduce his risk for health problems and now bikes 10 miles every day.


Meet Julia C. Julia, age 58, lives in Mississippi and started smoking in her early twenties. At age 49, she developed colon cancer. She’s had surgery and chemotherapy and has lived with an ostomy bag taped to a hole in her abdomen.


Meet Marie W. Marie, age 62, lives in New York and began smoking in high school. Diagnosed with Buerger’s disease in her forties, Marie has undergone amputations of part of her right foot, her left leg, and several fingertips.


Meet Roosevelt S. Roosevelt, age 51, lives in Virginia and began smoking in his teens. At age 45, he had a heart attack. Doctors later placed stents in his heart and performed six bypasses.


Meet Tiffany R. Tiffany, age 40, lives in Louisiana. She started smoking at 19, even though her mother, a smoker, died of lung cancer. Tiffany quit smoking — wanting to be around for her own teenage daughter.

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